Dear Daughters of the King,

Ok, so I had a whole post written with this catchy and funny story that I thought would just grab everyone’s attention and make them think, “Oh, she’s so entertaining.” But as time came closer to Unlocking Femininity launching, I had unrest about my introductory article. God kept putting on my heart to share my passion with you guys. So here’s my passion, guys: it’s God’s truth and YOU.

All women need to know how beautiful they are to Him, to know about His special and perfectly designed role for them. For so many generations, women’s issues were neglected or not given the appropriate attention. There have been so many misconceptions because of the lack of regard towards the Word and women. More, now than ever, we have women being educated in God’s Word and we have an obligation to learn and share all that comes before us. We are the King’s daughters; we need to know what He intends for our lives, within the biblical frame. His Word applies to us today, in the same way it did the women in the churches of Corinth and Ephesus, along with those under Titus’ and Timothy’s care. God’s truths are the same yesterday, today, and forever. They do not change for us, EVER.

Our culture has been giving us so many mixed messages that are completely contrary to what God has set out for us in His Word. This has been done through websites, magazines, books, TV, movies, schools, political and business world.  In the past 40 years, I think the media has had one of the biggest impacts on the world’s view of women and women in the church. Women are told they must look a certain way, have a certain kind of career, have only a certain amount of children, and not ever need a man.  This has even trickled down into our churches. We have bought into the world’s way of thinking and applied it to women’s role in the churches and families. Even those who know God can become foolish, living as the world does in the futility of their thinking (Rom.1:21 & Eph. 4:7).

Since our culture has had such a huge impact on women, my desire is to find out where a woman of God fits in this world and how to combat its darkened way of thinking. It will be a learning process for all us on Unlocking Femininity and I hope you will join us along the way. Beloved daughters of the King, I pray that you see your worth in Him. God is our Protector, Redeemer, and Abba Father and He values YOU.

To Him be the glory, forever and ever!


2 thoughts on “Dear Daughters of the King,

  1. Thanks for the reminder that I’m a daughter of the King. What an awesome reminder of our value to the KING! I’m very proud of you all and your desire to please the LORD is more refreshing than you will ever know. Keep your eyes on HIM for He will never lead those He loves astray. Will be praying for all of you all! Great Job!

  2. This is something that has such am impact on us as woman. When we lose focus on who we are in Christ it effects our view of the role of a woman. I think when we understand that we are daughters of a King then we can start understanding what our role is and start living by it! Oh it is so encouraging to be reminded of this!!!

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