The New Status Symbol- Stay at Home Husbands

StayAtHomeDadIn the August 2010 issue of Marie Claire, I came across an interesting article. Alpha women now have a new status symbol: a stay-at-home dad. The article tells of a “hard-core” bachelor, who loved living the single life and being with the guys, but then met his wife and transformed from a formerly successful corporate man into a cook/mini-van driving househusband.

Househusbands are becoming more and more prevalent as wives are becoming the bread-winners and climbing up the corporate ladder. Is this role-reversal ok, as long as one of the parents is at home? Does it even make a difference if the mother or father is around the children the most? Is it biblical for the woman to be the hunter/provider and the man to be the home manager/caretaker?

Read the article and tell us what YOU think!

3 thoughts on “The New Status Symbol- Stay at Home Husbands

  1. Just to clarify, I was working before my husband lost his job. My daughter is older, and I am still able to take care of our home. I am the homemaker, though I’m away from home during the day. My husband & I have not switched roles at all. He is the leader, and by finishing his degree, he will be able to better provide for our family so that I can come home when he’s done.

  2. My husband is home right now, as a full-time college student, while I work. This was not our plan, but his company shut down & we were able to get his education paid for…so it worked out. As much as I struggle with working outside of the home, I’m thankful for the provision of my job during this time. I’m far from the Alpha-Female climbing the corporate ladder, though…and I’m incredibly thankful that this is for only a season.

    I’m not sure if the Bible states the husband has to be the provider and the wife the one at home, but I know of situations where both spouses work and the wife makes more money. That always seems to create tension/issues in a marriage that might be avoided if the roles were more traditional.

  3. As there are extreme cases in many areas of life, I have found that we as a culture create a new idea of living based on the what-if extremes. I do believe the Bible is clear on the role of a woman as the keeper of her home in the OT and the NT. I do believe in the traditional roles of marriage, because they teach authority. Authority is a God-given principle to provide leadership and protection to the woman who will be raising her young. Because men are sinners and will sometimes fail, does not mean we change God’s idea of submission. A child doesn’t naturally become the parent because the parent fails. Nor does an employee become boss just because the boss is lousy above them. I can see it now,”well, the CEO is not showing up for the meeting today. I guess that means I am CEO now.” This same idea applies to the marriage role. We don’t become the male leader just because he is failing. We submit first to God and follow His way for the home. Women today struggle with their place in life, because they have lost their vision of the power of motherhood and the place as homemaker. This is what happens when the older women do not teach the younger women. It takes faith to walk away from the career mindset because that is all that is taught in our universities today. I have spoken with Christian and nonChristian women alike and the same song comes out of their hearts…I wish I could be home with my children.

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