Fill-in-the-blank Theology

fillintheblanktheologyFrom Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ Leadership Session at The True Woman 2010 Conference

In a powerful pre-conference session that pinned Women’s Ministry Leaders to their seats in conviction, Nancy Leigh DeMoss shared the marks of true ministry.  A ministry must be Word-driven, Christ-centered, Gospel-drenched, Spirit-empowered, personally-modeled, love-motivated, servant-hearted, prayer-saturated, faith-based, and joy-exuding.

I didn’t make it past Word-Driven.

That simple, hyphenated term stopped me in my tracks.

Although my brain had stopped, Nancy continued speaking. The next thing she said took my breath away, “The vast amount of Christians get more theology from Oprah than from the church.” She is right. We, as Christian women, are told more about our God from Oprah, the media and a society of people who do not have a personal relationship with God than we are in our churches and women’s ministries.

Why is that?

We are not Word-driven. Oh, we are in Bible Studies. We are in Church. But we are not in the Word.

But as women in a fast-paced society, we like it easy. We are so busy, that we welcome help in any form – especially through anything with a “pre-done” label. We adore ready-in-5-minute meals. We couldn’t live without our microwave. But we have applied this “easy” concept to what we learn about God and how we learn about God.

We choose fill-in-the-blank theology because it is already prepared and we are busy. The reality is that it is easier to fill in the blanks of a Bible Study than dig into the Word on our own. But no matter how easy or convenient it is, there is no substitute for the Word of God.

When we go from Bible Study to Bible Study to Bible Study without ever cracking a Bible on our own time, we miss out on the complex, jaw-dropping, amazing truths about God’s character.  We miss out on knowing Him….Who loved us so much that He gave his only Son to die for us. The result is ministry after ministry full of malnourished Christian women. We’ve binged on easy pre-packaged spiritual food, rather than making healthy, balanced choices about our spiritual diet. And where has that gotten us – sick. We have churches full of women afflicted with spiritual diabetes and spiritual heart failure.

When we feed solely on a pre-packaged, easy-to-digest gospel, we grow into weak and sickly Christians. To quote Nancy DeMoss, “Wimpy theology makes wimpy women.” Weak Christians have no foundation to anchor them when the trials of life come. God’s Word is the only anchor through all the storms of life. And if we are never in the Word, we have nothing to hold on to in the most difficult moments in life.

Our only contact with the most powerful Book in the world should not be through intermediaries. Scripture is the POWER OF GOD. (Romans 1:16) It is LIVING and ACTIVE today! (Hebrews 4:12) Scripture gives us life and truth and guidance every day of our lives. (Psalm 119:105) As Christians, we need the Word of God to survive. And beyond just surviving – we need to be in the Word of God to have victory in this life! (1 Cor. 15:57)

Trying to weather a storm in life? Read his word. Want to be like Christ? Read his word. Want to know who God is? Read his word. Want to know God’s plan for your life/marriage/child? Read his word. Need guidance and direction? Read his word. Want to know who you are in Christ? Read his word. Want to know how to become a True Woman? Read his word!

Is your life Word-Driven?

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