What’s Your Label?

whatsyourlabelInspired by Erin Davis in the Teen Track at True Woman 2010 Conference

Ice-Queen, Fat, Super-Woman, Dumb. Those are just some of the labels I’ve been known for throughout my life. Erin Davis talked about the fact that everyone has a label they’re known for. For some it’s acne, for some it’s being the smart girl, for others it’s being the jock or even that one mistake you made. Whatever it may be, you feel like that’s the only thing known about you and that you have to stick with it. But God only has one label for you to be known by: Redeemed.

Erin shared the story of the Samaritan woman (John 4). She was known for being the adulteress. That was her label. She was like a run-down neighborhood. She had cracked sidewalks, broken windows, weeds growing, and people didn’t respect her. People threw rocks at her; spray-painted the sides of her house, and tossed trash in her yard. She was run-down and running from worldly thing to worldly thing trying to find happiness. She let her label define her and run her life.

Have you ever noticed how Golden-Retrievers are so affectionate? I have a Golden, Roxie, and she is desperate for hugs, pets, and attention, ALL the time! Sometimes women aren’t so different. No, I’m not calling you a desperate dog but, in behavior, you can be similar. Like the Golden Retriever you get desperate, insecure, and need attention, you say, “Love me, love me, love me! Say I’m pretty, please, please, please!” Why do you throw yourself at humans for love and affirmation when you have the God of the universe calling you His beautiful daughter?

Why do you not choose to live the way you know God has made you: fearfully and wonderfully (Ps. 139:14). You know He’s enthralled by your beauty (Ps. 45:11). You know He has carefully crafted you like the Ark of the covenant to be covered with gold, inside and out (Ex. 37:1-9) and you are now being indwelled by Him (1 Cor. 6:13). But you choose to live with an ugly, hurtful label that is not God’s desire for you.

It’s not just that God loves you the way you are, it’s that His presence is in you and He has taken great care in making you. That’s why you should believe HIM! When you choose to believe God’s truths about you, you can become a “reformed, Golden-Retriever.” When you live like the temple of Christ, you can become like a high-end, gated community instead of a run-down, ghetto neighborhood. Those on the outside will respect you and God, on the inside, will be captivated by your beauty. You will have a new, lasting, and joyful label: Redeemed by Christ.

So what did Jesus do to the label of the Samaritan woman? He didn’t ignore her sin but He gave her the option to exchange her label for His label, to be Redeemed, and have the water of everlasting life. Believe God’s Word, choose to live it, and put on God’s label!


One thought on “What’s Your Label?

  1. I love this, it brought tears… like a run down neighborhood… but Gods label: Redeemed. …covered with gold, inside and out… me. This exhorted me this morning!

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