Raising a Teenager in a Gossip Girl World

tell talesInspired by Panel Discussion during the True Woman 2010 conference.

What’s the key to raising a biblical woman? I know for some, it’s almost impossible to believe that it can be done in this culture but it CAN be done! During a panel discussion featuring Dannah Gresh, Kay Arthur, Mary Kassian, and several other incredibly godly women, questions about mothering naturally arose. Is there any way to make sure she doesn’t get sucked into the MTV way of talking, the Cosmo magazine way of dressing, and the Gossip Girl way of dating?

Dannah Gresh, author of Lies Young Women Believe and Secret Keeper, readily answered this dilemma.

“The key is starting early teaching them about God’s Word and who they are in Him. At 3-4 they’re in the copy-cat mode, they want to do whatever mommy wants to do but that does eventually change. Ages 5-12 are the most crucial age for teaching them biblical truth.”

What they are taught and influenced by at this age will be the major foundation for what they do in their teens and 20’s. It used to be that sexual peer pressure began around 13-14 but it is now around the age of 6-7! 7 year olds are on diets, they want to be sexy, and they want to be what they watch on TV! As Dannah said, “7 year olds should not be feasting on boy craziness!” These girls get too much too soon and in the end they will lose it all unless the mothers raise up and teach them to become True Princesses.

Here’s some more “Mom” advice from a few of the seasoned panelists:

“Start from the time they leave the womb. Sing biblical songs to them, read biblical stories and teach them how to read the Bible from the womb.” -Kay Arthur

“Be the mom, not the girlfriend! We are called to be moms, not buddy-buddies.”- Mary Kassian (Girls Gone Wise)

We don’t need to teach our daughters to be daddy’s girls because they tend to be spoiled, manipulative, and disrespectful of male authorities. When they get older, they will think they can manipulate their fathers, the guys they date, or their husbands to get whatever they want. They will think men are weak. We need to teach them to be honoring of their brothers and their fathers and the fathers and brothers, in turn, need to learn how to treat the women in their lives with care and gentleness. Fathers are a picture to their daughters of what God is like and God doesn’t spoil His daughters. He cherishes them and loves them but He doesn’t let them walk all over Him and their disobedience doesn’t go unpunished.

There is hope for the next generation but it’s only found with God and His Word and it will only happen if we teach them the Truth!


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