Legal Fight for Home Abortions

Recently, The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has challenged a law that says early-stage abortion pills must be taken at registered clinics.

This is in contrast to other countries such as France, Sweden, and the US, which allow women to take the abortion drugs in their own homes. In 2005, a clinical trial found 98% of women who took the pills at home were satisfied with the experience.

Dr Patricia Lohr, the charity’s medical director, said: “Most women prefer to go home because it’s a private setting, it’s comfortable, they can have their friends with them, they can have their family with them, they can have their partner.”

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, a pro-life group, has promised to intercede in the case, accusing BPAS of “trivialising abortion and jeopardising women’s welfare”.

What do you think? Should the legal system allow women to take these pills at home or require them to come to a clinic?

4 thoughts on “Legal Fight for Home Abortions

  1. Why does it matter ‘where’ they take the pill if they are going to do it anyway? Not that I’m advocating there be more abortions. I am not at all. It just seems the prolife organizations defense statement is weak. The support should be against abortion itself, not in the ‘place’ it is performed. The point is: It should NOT be performed at all. I’d like to see what kind of stronger argument the prolife group could come up with to support this.

  2. It does matter “where,” simply because of the fact that if you can do “something” in the quietness and privacy of your home, you are more likely to do it and less likely to change your mind about it. Also, it would be interesting to know how many of these home abortions performed by the women are with no support, no family or friends, or partner as pro-abortionists would like to spin it. Scripture talks a lot about sins hidden in the dark, or secret and quiet, as being binding sins with difficult repercussions, and bringing those sins into the light (unhidden) is the first step in dealing with them. Going to a clinic where people can SEE you, know what you’re doing, and why you are there, can definitely be a possible deterrent in saving the life of that unborn baby. Granted, you are right: abolishing abortion would be the end all solution to this problem, but we simply are not there yet as a nation. We can, however, fight battles that we have a greater chance at winning. Then maybe in the long run, abortion laws will begin to be overturn.

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  4. Personally, I think having an abortion is wrong. It shouldn’t be the mother’s choice of whether or not the child gets to be born or not. If you take on the responsibility of having sex with someone you should have to take on the consequences as well, no matter the age. If you do not want the baby or do not have the means to support it give it up for adoption, and if you do not want to be completely shut out from the baby’s life have an open adoption. Then the child will know that you are its birth mother, but you won’t have to worry about having to support it. So as far as it goes for having an abortion at home or in a clinic I’m totally against it, but if their gonna do it at all they should do it in a clinic. Maybe they’ll be too embarrassed about it to go through with it.

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