Teen “Mom” Fakes Pregnancy?

High school senior, Gaby Rodriguez, was not really pregnant. It was just a social experiment. At least that’s the excuse she gave her fellow students of a south-central Washington high school as they assembled for the big “reveal.” Only a select few knew the true nature of Rodriguez’s baby bump, her mother, her boyfriend, her principal, and one sibling. Beyond them, everyone else was in the dark.

The purpose of the six-month lie? “To fight against those stereotypes and rumors” pregnant teen-moms are surrounded with when facing a life-altering challenge such as teen pregnancy.

But has Rodriguez’s deception helped teen mothers out there who can’t unstrap the prosthetic belly at the end of the day? Is it okay to lie to prove a point? And if this doesn’t affect teen moms, what can we do to help? As Christians, what should our response be to them?

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Teen “Mom” Fakes Pregnancy?

  1. This is an interesting question. I can understand her point, and honestly, I don’t know that it’s any different than when a Christian lives like a homeless person to see what it’s like. Does that make it right? Tough question.

    But, what should we do as Christians on behalf of teen moms? I work with teenagers everyday, and I work at a crisis pregnancy center dealing with real teen moms and I can say the answer for us as Christians is to love them. Unconditionally. That’s what they are looking for. That search is, more than likely, what got them to where they are, and while our love can’t undo the pregnancy, our ignorance won’t either.

    The fact is, they have made mistakes (we all have). They have been deceived; they have fallen; and at the center of all of them is a scared little girl. When we reach out to them in love, we show them something more than the world shows them. We show them Christ and that’s really who they need.

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