‘Breast Milk Baby’ Doll Heading To U.S.

Every little girl has a baby doll of some sorts. For some of us it was a Cabbage Patch Doll, others it was a Barbie. But young girls in the US in 2011 will be able to have the new “Breast Milk Baby” doll which teaches girls how to breastfeed.

ABC reports that the Spanish company, Berjuan Toys, is introducing its breastfeeding doll, called “The Breast Milk Baby,” to the U.S. at the end of this month at a Las Vegas trade show.

For all those even wondering how a doll like this would even work, here you go: The doll has a special halter top with two flowers positioned right where the doll will breastfeed. The doll makes a suckling noise and moves when its mouth when it comes close to sensors in the flowers.

There’s even a video showing how it works.

U.S. representative for Berjuan Toys, Dennis Lewis explains the doll’s appeal:

“The Breast Milk Baby lets young girls imitate mothers in a natural, caring way. Acting just like “mommy,” girls can learn another natural nurturing skill about taking care of a baby. Just like changing, bathing, swaddling, singing, rocking to sleep, and cuddling for a healthy baby.”

Reaction to the doll has been mixed. Some critics say the doll can over-sexualize young girls or force them to grow up too quickly.

Others, like Dr. Ronald Cohen, medical director of the Mothers’ Milk Bank in San Jose, CA, think it’s a positive influence on young girls: “My take is that anything which reminds young girls that their bodies are something other, and more, than sex objects, is a very good thing.”

Do you think the doll is a great idea for girls to learn how to nurture their children in the future? Do you think it’s glamorizing motherhood to little girls in a “16 & Pregnant” world? Do you think it’s too much too soon or not a big deal at all? What do YOU think?


9 thoughts on “‘Breast Milk Baby’ Doll Heading To U.S.

  1. I think this doll is brilliant! It’s not like the little girls aren’t already doing that anyway with their dolls… and it’s reinforcing breast fed verses bottle fed (not that bottle fed is wrong… but breast fed babies are healthier etc.)

  2. First off, my father is a pediatrician and says that formula today is so wellmade that it is almost as good as breastfeeding and that bottle fed babies don’t end up significantly less healthy than breastfed babies.

    Secondly, i think this doll is silly. As Kim B said, little girls are doing this already. I can rememebr “feeding” my bay and sticking it in my dress to look pregnant.

    I don’t know if this will oversexualize, but this is not needed to teach women how to be nurturing. Little girls pick that up very easily if watching others doing it.

  3. I hardly think playing with a doll as a kid that specifically teaches breast-feeding is necessary ~ breast-feeding tends to come relatively naturally once it’s actually needed. At least, that’s the way it’s worked from the dawn of humanity until now. And since this doll in no way teaches young girls to be wise, intentional parents and patient, loving mothers, I fail to see its worth.

    (And I just think it’s a little creepy!!)

  4. I’m not impressed..I don’t think we will have to worry about it though. It won’t be a popular toy.

  5. Maybe I’m just old, but honestly? Is this necessary? It does come pretty naturally for botht he mother and infant. I do think there is something about awakening a little girl’s curiosity about her body too soon.

  6. I think it’s cute, but will I buy one? No, because I think it’s a marketing gimmick. Plus, I can just see how fast that little halter thing would get lost. Besides, kids already b/f their dolls if they grow up seeing mothers b/f their baby.

    What I do like about it is that it’s encouraging little girls to see breastfeeding as normal, alongside all the other dollies that come with bottles and pacis. But I’m really not sure how much that childhood perception really affects our decisions as adults. I know my opinions as a 30-odd mom are vastly different than they were when I was a child and a teen, mostly due to educating MYSELF as an adult. What I learned growing up was that formula was fine, all babies have pacifiers, need cribs, need toys, etc etc etc. But becoming a mom made me revisit all of that.

  7. I like the idea of showing girls that their bodies are more than just sex objects but I really dont think this is necessary. I used to do that when I was little I didnt need a special doll…also this country has TOTALLY glamorized being a young single mom with these popular TV shows, i dont think we need more of that…

  8. I don’t really like this idea, yes, we want girls to grow up and become caring, nurturing mothers but they don’t need to learn to breast feed at the age of 6!

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