An Unlocking Femininity Prayer for 2012

praying womanDiane: “I pray, for every single one of the readers, that God would be glorified in their lives. I pray they would seek the Lord God with all their hearts, minds, and souls and would walk in the way of the Lord. (Deut. 5:33; 6:5) I pray the Word of God would transform their minds so they will know what God’s will is for their lives. (Rom.12:2) I pray they would trust the Lord no matter how dark the circumstances, how hopeless the days may feel, or how scary the path God has sent you on may seem. (Ps.9:10;Prov.3:5-6) God is always by your side and He is ALWAYS working things for your good and His glory! I pray they would experience and know how merciful, loving, awesome and mighty is the Lord. (Ex.34:6;Deut.10:17) I pray that 2012 would be a year every reader draws closer to their Savior and reflects Christ more and more every day. Glory to God in the highest forever!”

Sarah: “Dear Heavenly Father,  I thank you for the changing seasons in the weather and in life. As we look back on the year we are ending, there is so much for which to be grateful. I thank You for this incredible writing ministry of which You have allowed the three of us to be a part.  I thank you for our readers, Lord, and the interesting ways You entwine our lives together displaying the beauty of the body of Christ, how we are all sisters and family bonded together in the love of Christ.  God, I thank You for this team of stellar young women with whom I get to minister.  We are like iron sharpening iron, and it is so precious to me.

As we approach the new year, Lord, these would be the requests for our readers that I would pray.  While they all come from different walks of life, I pray that You will continue to lead and direct in their lives individually (Psalm 32:8).  God, I would pray Philippians 1:3-11 over their lives: I thank You for them, and I continue to pray for them as I write and read emails from them (vs 3-4). They are partnering with us in the spread of the Gospel, through their lives, words and deeds.  And I know that the good work You have begun in them, YOU will bring it to completion at that glorious day. (vs 5-6).  God, it is my prayer that their love would grow more and more, not just emotionally but with KNOWLEDGE and discernment so that they will be able to make wise choices and be pure and blameless before the Lord, and so that they may be filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus, giving all the glory and honor to Him. (vs. 9-11).  I pray that 2012 will be the best year of their lives thus far, a year in which their relationship with You is challenged and grown, and their love for Your Word is intensified.”

Gabrielle: “I pray that 2012 will be the year of The Word. I pray for each of our readers, for my fellow writers and for myself, that this year the Word of God would become real to us in a whole new, powerful, breath-taking way (Col. 3:16). God, I ask that wherever we are – faithfully reading your word daily or unsure where our Bible even is – that we would draw closer to you through your Word in 2012! I ask you, Lord that we would hear more about you from your own Word than Oprah, Twitter or Hollywood. Please, God, be the primary influence in our lives this year!

I pray for our readers, Lord, that the Word would be living and active in their lives every day (Heb. 4:12). That they would make the time out of a world racing by to marvel in who you are (Ps. 34:8). That they would cultivate a deeper, more intimate relationship with You (John 10:27). That each one would get a glimpse of how much you love them (John 3:16, 15:13).

God, this may 2012 be marked by your children reading your Word, being transformed by your Word and changing the world with your Words (Matt. 28:19-20).”

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “An Unlocking Femininity Prayer for 2012

  1. Thanks for the great prayers for us. I am a blogger from East Africa in my very early twenties and I must say that am even more grateful for the life-changing, thought-provoking and uplifting blogs you posted in 2011. Am looking forward to more awesome posts from you. My favourites were, ‘The prison called Insecurity’, ‘Grace, not a morning-after pill’ and ‘Degrees of Surrender’. MY PRAYER FOR YOU FOR 2012 is that God will increase your wisdom, that he will overwhelm you with His love daily this year and that like Mary, our Lord’s Mother, you will be favoured among women.

    • Thera, we were so blessed by your encouraging words! It’s wonderful to know we have a sister in Christ across the world contending for the Gospel, seeking after God’s own heart. Thank you for your prayers! We need them so much! Blessings, sister.

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