Emergency Contraceptives from a Vending Machine??

emergencycontraceptivesCollege-aged girls at Shippensburg University can now purchase emergency contraceptives – Plan B – from a vending machine to counteract a forgotten birth control pill, broken contraceptive device or date rape. The idea came from the students and was endorsed by the Student Government. But society as a whole is not so receptive. Pro-life activists are outraged because nothing stands between the student and the abortafacient drug to make them pause and consider the consequences. Medical officials are concerned at the potential health risks of under-age users or over-use because interaction with a knowledgeable pharmacist has been eliminated. The Pennsylvania government itself admitted to the potential for under 18 users is dangerous.

The primary concern seems to be the fact that a girl can buy Plan B in secret, without discussing the risk factors and side effects with a health care professional. But do girls in a morning-after panic really do that anyway? Are we concerned about the right thing here? Is there more at stake?

What is your take on the vending machine controversy?


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