Nicki Minaj’s Grammy Performance: Religiously Offensive or Musical Art?

The Grammy Awards usually have some artist that decides to be religiously controversial and this year was no exception. Nicki Minaj, a female rapper, arrived on the red carpet with a puzzling hooded red dress, accompanied by a man dressed like the Pope. It definitely made you perk up and wonder, “Oh, no. What does she have planned?”

Nicki took the stage later that night to perform her song, “Roman Holiday” which channeled one of her male alter egos, Roman Zolanski. The performance included her being demonically possessed, a dancing priest, a fake exorcism, and a female dancer stretching backwards while an alter boy prayed between her legs. The cringe worth performance then ended with a choir singing the Christian hymn, “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

Less than 24 hours later Nicki’s performance drew outrage from many, including the  Catholic League president Bill Donohue who told the Daily News the performance was the equivalent of “sticking the middle finger right in the faces of Catholics. Never would they allow an artist to insult Judaism or Islam”

Donohue also said the Recording Academy, which oversees the Grammy Awards, should have known better.

“They should have asked her to reconsider this because it’s going to be unnecessarily offensive,” Donohue said. “If they were attacking gays, I would be my bottom dollars they wouldn’t allow it.”

The Recording Academy producer, Ken Ehrlich responded on CBS This Morning, that he “definitely had some questions about it” but considered it a free speech issue.

“We don’t like to restrict artists creative freedom,” said Ehrlich. “She came to us with that idea. I looked at it and said ‘Okay’ I knew about her alter-ego, I was aware of what that was.”

So what was your reaction to Nicki’s Grammy performance? Did you find it offensive or inspiring? Tell us your take on the controversy!


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