Manscara, Man-Spanx, and Mantyhose- The End To Men As We Know Them?

manscaraAttention Ladies! All things girly are no longer off limits to the men in your life. Hide your makeup! Lock up your clothes!  Men are now applying makeup, getting pampered, and wearing shapewear to slenderize their “figures.”  Now it’s not too uncommon to hear about men applying Manscara or guyliner, getting ‘man’-icures, or wearing Man-Spanx or mantyhose. Gender-neutral fashion is in and masculinity is on the way out…..or so it seems.

Spanx founder Sara Blakely, is even considering making a version of her product for men because its rising popularity among our XY counterparts:

We’ve been getting calls from stylists who tell us that A-list actors and top musicians are squeezing into our Spanx bodysuits for women for movies and music videos. And women are telling us to please do something for their husbands and boyfriends, who are squeezing into large and extra-large women’s sizes.

Mantyhose, also called “brosiery” and “guylons,” is even producing a “cult following,” according to Franceso Cavallini, vice president of the upscale legwear company Emilio Cavallini. This “brosiery” and “ManSpanx” movement is even being seen as an appealing movement towards androgyny.

As Jessica Pearce Rotondi states about the brosiery, in her article on Huffington Post,”It seems like tights are a natural progression in the move toward a more gender-neutral ideal of beauty.”

As men and women start wearing the same makeup, putting on the same hosiery, and begin to get mani/pedis together, things which used to be distinctively masculine or feminine will be an issue of the past.  As you being to see the lines between male and female fashion being blurred and declared beautiful,  what are your thoughts?

What would you do if your husband, brother, or boyfriend wanted to borrow your Spanx or makeup? Are you relieved that the two sexes are finally blending together? Do you think this is taking us one step closer to the end of all things masculine or is it being overblown?


One thought on “Manscara, Man-Spanx, and Mantyhose- The End To Men As We Know Them?

  1. I point Firefox in this direction every once in a great while and read a few articles. I’ve read some pretty good ones. I’ve even almost commented a time or two but thought it best to keep my maleness out of you ladies’ domain. But, this… this…

    Pantyhose? On a dude?


    What’s next, lacy nightwear and a perm?

    I don’t even know what a spanx is. I always thought it was what happened to me as a child when my brothers and I I started acting like knuckle heads.

    I suddenly feel a great urge to go change the oil in my car. I’m sure it’s due for a change (it better be anyway). Maby I’ll get the plugs and wires while I’m at it. Yeah. Plugs and wires always gets you good and greasy, bloodies up a few knuckles. I might even grab my tool belt and build something afterward. I’ve been needing to put up an extra shed out back. Man, I hope it doesn’t boil down beating my head against the wall to get these creepy images out of my mind.

    You ladies have yourselves a good day. I gotta go tend to those spark plugs.

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