There’s Some Good News and There’s Some Bad News

So we have some good news and we have some bad news. We like to start with good news first so here it is:

1. Sarah graduates from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on May 4, 2012 with her Master of Divinity! She will then be moving to Florida to take the Dean of Women position at the Word of Life Institute campus there!

2. Gabrielle is making leaps and bounds in the film industry, recently producing a music video!

3. Diane and her husband have started training for international mission work and will be heading to South America in the next year! They will cover North, Central, and South American all in the span of 1 year!

AND the best news of all…..drum roll please!

4. We’re coming out with a book in September! We’ll be writing on how Christ radically changes your love life and what that means for your dating life. We couldn’t be more thrilled or honored that Christian Focus will be publishing that in just 5 short months!!!

Now for the bad news.

We have to take a break for the month of May. We know….booo on us. With all the changes, schedules, and moving we have decided to a breather but we’ll be back in June! Let us know if there are any topics or issues you want us to write about. We’re here to serve our readers so if you want it, you get it!

See you in June!


One thought on “There’s Some Good News and There’s Some Bad News

  1. Congratulations to all of you! I am so excited about how the Lord is using you! And very grateful that the bad news was just a one-month break. Rest is a good and necessary thing – enjoy it! Love you, pretty ladies!

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