The War on Women & Children

sad_chinese_child1Over the past few months, news of millions of forced abortions in China has sparked outrage over the blogs, Twittersphere, and news headlines. Just last month, news was leaked about the brutal attack on a Chinese woman, Feng Jianmei, who was 7 months pregnant and forced to abort her unborn daughter. Gruesome pictures were even released displaying Feng with her deceased child next to her revealing the appalling actions committed against her and her daughter. This astonishing news is hitting the mainstream news and people are responding.

In a recent interview with Bob Fu, founder and president of ChinaAid, commented on the significance and impact Feng’s story will have:

“Although this horrible forced abortion had been practiced for more than nearly three decades, the international community has not really paid close attention as it should be. The Chinese government rather boastfully made the announcement a few years ago in Copenhagen, Denmark, claiming that because of China’s government effort for the family planning policy China has prevented 400 million children from being born in the past 30 years. Four hundred million lives lost like Jianmei’s baby, and many of them, even as recently as this week we learned more stories, like one mother lost her baby because of a forced abortion two days before her due date. It’s just a horrible, horrible atrocity. It’s really the war against women and the war against humanity.”

Mr. Fu then revealed astonishing numbers of forced abortions been supported by the Chinese government.

“These forced abortions have been going on for three decades……..In 1982 there were about 14 million — that one year — family planning forced abortions, and then around 2000 that dropped to around 8 million and around 2008 it rose up to almost 10 million that year. So that’s official Chinese statistics so it’s a national-driven policy and practice. In every corner in China as long as you are a woman, your birthright, your womb is not owned by you, it’s by the state.”

Can you imagine being afraid that your child might be forcibly taken from you while still growing in your womb? Can you imagine a life where your womb is not your own? Mr. Fu is right, there is a brutal war  against women and humanity. Even this week news came from Spain of women outraged over a new proposal to roll back women’s abortion rights making it harder to abort fetuses with physical deformities. This war on humanity will continue as long as society devalues life and plays God, picking and choosing what type of child to have, instead of seeing each and every child as a blessing.

We, as Christian women, need to rise up on behalf of these Chinese women and their families in prayer and support.  We must battle in prayer for these women and children. God hears these women, He feels their pain, and He will hear our prayers. Will you join me in praying for these women, these families, who have had  their children literally ripped from them?

Pray for healing as these women and families mourn the loss of their children.

Pray for healing of their hearts, minds, and bodies as they deal with the trauma.

Pray believers around the world will be burdened to pray over these women in China.

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