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Radical-Dating-CoverCBA Retailers and Resources recently published a review of our book, Radical Dating, in their January issue. They ran such a nice review in their mag that we just had to share it with you guys!

Most Christian books on dating include a chapter on making sure Christ is the center of your relationships; this book by three recent seminary grads takes that concept deeper. Building on the premise that everythingwe do in life is a witness to the world and a sacrifice of worship to God, these young women (one married, two single) discuss dating from a profoundly biblical perspective. When girls begin to grasp the truths in this God-centric approach to life, the specifics of dating relationships will, hopefully, become a little easier to navigate. Young readers will probably agree that this book truly is radical, but for a girl who’s willing to trust God in this oh-soimportant aspect of her life, the teaching and encouragement presented in these chapters will be invaluable. Highly recommended for the serious reader. — Kris Wilson

And, for taking the time for reading the review and, well, being such awesome readers we’re going to give away a copy of Radical Dating! All you have to do is leave a comment, with your name and email, answering the following question:

What is some of the best dating advice you’ve ever received?

Giveaway ends on Thursday, Jan. 24 at 10:00pm CT. Winner will be notified on Friday, Jan. 25.

25 thoughts on “Radical Dating Book Giveaway

  1. “Just go with it.” Girl approached me whom I didn’t see myself with, I asked a friend what to do, and he said just go with it. Been with her two years now, longer than I’ve been with anyone.

    “Just go with it.”

  2. “It’s only awkward if you make it awkward.” (Or am I the only one whose had way to many potentially awkward dating situations???)

    “Every relationship is different.” (I’d always said I wouldn’t do mistakes that I saw others make, but then I found myself doing them. My sister reminded me that I was at a different stage than those flighty freshman I’d watched earlier and not to compare myself to others.)

  3. “Don’t ‘wish away’ the season of life God has placed you. There will be waiting of some kind in every season; live today for the glory of God!”

  4. Honestly, I’m not trying to over-due it, but some of the best advice I’ve gotten is through Unlocking Femininity (10 Signs He’s a Keeper).

    And this has helped me: “Temptation will always be there to some degree, but that’s true of most normal men/women. Temptation isn’t sin. My best suggestion on how to gauge his/her commitment to avoiding what tempts him/her is to see how serious he/she is about their relationship with Christ. If that’s weak, temptation may get him/her more easily. Make sure their relationship with Christ is strong.”

    P.S I really hope I get this book!

  5. Best dating advice I’ve received: “Watch how he treats his mother. That’s a pretty good indication of how he might treat you.” (:

  6. My Sunday school teacher once said, “God’s Word doesn’t tell us exactly how often it’s okay to stalk a guy’s Facebook profile… But it does have a lot to say about how we’re to treat each other. If your heart’s desire is to treat each person in your life according to those principles, you’ll find that you spend a lot less time asking ‘how far is too far?’ and more time asking ‘how can I better serve those around me?’.”

  7. ”Begin as you mean to continue”. Basically, if you want the relationship to be/ have sth, let that sth be there from the first instance rather than introduce it later on. It applies across the board: God, respect, standards, boundaries etc

  8. “It will happen in God’s time not yours. Don’t rush into a relationship with the wrong because you want someone special, but be patient and wait for the right guy God has planned for you.”

  9. Run towards Christ…don’t look behind you…you can glance to the right or left…and see if anyone is there running towards Christ as well…if he is…you might want to see if this is someone Christ might have for you as a life partner :-)!

  10. I’ve heard a lot of advices and ‘strategies’ considering dating, but, truthfully, the best and most helpful turned out to be that I don’t have to date to have worth and that I’ll never be happy if I’m not happy being as I am. It helps to wait for the right time and guy and learning to be joyful whatever the cirvumstances are (which prevents the maybe-future-husband from having a wife that puts too much pressure on him).

  11. “Allow him to initiate things.” For many, this advice SCREAMS old school anti-feminism, but I know I have been spared several heartaches because I chose to wait for him to make the first move. If I desire to one day marry a man who will be the leader in our marriage and our family (which I do), that needs to be in place from the beginning. It also helps keep my thoughts from spinning out of control.

    I’m excited for you girls and I love seeing how the Lord is using you to minister to so many ladies! And I’m THRILLED there’s a Kindle edition of the book so I can get it over here!

  12. “let God write your love story and be faithful to him in the little things before He will trust you with the big things like a relationship and marriage.”

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  14. Date in groups, stay in the light, talk about yourselves to each other, talk about anything that you dont agree with or understand, spend time with the family of your date. As a Christian fast and pray earnestly (have a parent or other responsible adult to share the burden). These are old ways of thinking but it has really helped a lot of people I know. Been married many years longer than I was old when married, I really feel that talking about serious topics is a big key, not being in typical wishful thinking state we sometimes are while dating. Really hard to pick one piece of advice, every situation is different, and as we All know we can’t see the future. God does have the perfect partner out there for each of us. Going slow, not being impatient.

  15. Treat the person you are dating the way you would want your future husband/wife to have been treated before you met them, with complete respect, taking nothing emotionally, spiritually or physically from them that should be saved only for the person they eventually will commit to spend the rest of their life with!

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