What if…..

A Christmas Poem by Sarah Bubar

Christmas is a season of utter chaos…





There are…

Lights to hang!

Trees to trim!

Presents to buy!

Budgets to balance!

We stand in lines a mile long to buy

gadgets we never need

sate a greedy hunger of

things and



We stretch our wallets paper thin

ignoring the debts we’re already in

banishing the fear that we’re not keeping up

with those around us.

We attend our churches all the while thinking of our

checklist and tasks


like a


Uncle Harry and Rebecca…

Karl and Mom…

And don’t forget that iPad to get Amy!

But here’s a startling question only few can ponder

Without shudders of fear invading the silence:

What if….

What if there was NO Christmas?

…No presents

…No décor

…No guests

…No tree

There would be no…

Garland to string!

Parades to watch!

Stockings to stuff!

Gifts to wrap!

Stores wouldn’t have blowouts and malls

wouldn’t be packed.

Our finances would remain constant and

our emotions intact.

Sounds like a good idea…

But think of it further…

No Christmas would mean




If there was no Christmas, we would then see…

…No Peace

…No Jesus.

…No God

With us

There wouldn’t be…

A Messiah come down!

Perfection lived out!

A Savior sacrificed!

A Redeemer raised to life!

Dust would never mingle

with eternity.

God would never have sent His Son

to die for me.

My soul would be

hopelessly lost.

And freedom would never be


Yes, life would surely be bleak indeed

If this season faded from our view

If I focused on what it’s become

…Instead of what I knew

I’m so glad there is Christmas!

For now I can breathe again

My Jesus born as a baby

Bringing Joy to the world

and to me.


Christmas is a season of inner peace.

…with God.

…with Christ.

…with others.



Because of Christmas, there is…

Rationale to the Giving!

Grounds for the décor!

Cause to the celebration!

Rejoicing in the mayhem!

There is a greater story in play

A story grander than my

 Holiday wish list

Guest rooms housing my family

Tree twinkling in my living room

The season is now centered

not on a jolly ole elf

not on my budget and bills

not on the spread I prepare for dinner


…on the One true figure of Christmas

the Christ

the Child

He is…




Yes, HE…



One thought on “What if…..

  1. Great Poem Sarah. It’s so easy for us to get carried away by merry-making and festivities and forget to stop and really ask ourselves, this what if question. Thanks for the reminder about WHO Christmas IS really about. Without Him we would have been a frustrated bunch of creatures who would be incapable of grasping true happiness that can only be truly found in Him.

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