Christmas is here!

christmas_tree_with_lights_high_resolution_desktop_wallpaper-wideAh, Christmas.  It’s finally here.  Less than a week away and one of my favorite days of traditions will be upon us: opening all the gifts and watching their expressions as they open my presents for them, the holiday feast my mother and I spend days preparing, and of course, hearing my father read the Christmas Story about the birth of Jesus before the chaos of the day begins.

The team of us here at Unlocking Femininity have another tradition we started a few years back: time off from writing.  During these weeks surrounding the busy Christmas season full of family and friends, we like to rest, relax, and enjoy the season focusing on those things which are of utmost importance, our Lord and our family.

We thank our readers for clicking on our posts, liking our articles on Facebook, and pinning your favorites onto your boards.  So in that spirit, here are a few of our more popular posts for 2013.  And we hope you have a VERY, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Myth of the “Good Christian Girl” by Gabrielle

Why Are There “Christian Mean Girls?” by Diane

Haters Hate and Liars Lose: Knowing Who Your Real Enemies Are by Sarah

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