Meet Gabrielle

Known by her friends as fierce, passionate, tall, and loud. Everyone in her life knows she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing flats. Gabs is a girly-girl adventurer; she hiked through the jungles of Indonesia and rode an elephants while wearing earrings and eyeliner! She is always on a new “kick,” whether its eating organic, running marathons, studying body language, or learning to play chess. Called by God to the cause of the widows and fatherless, she uses her writing to be a voice for the exploited and abused around the world.

Getting to know Gabrielle:

Nicknames: Gabs, Gabby, “G”
My friends always make fun of me for: My intensity – when I get interested in something, I obsess over it until I know everything about it… then I move on to the next thing with equal obsession!
My favorite junk food is: pizza – tomato sauce, bubbly cheese and chewy crust – my kryptonite.

My favorite accessory is: Statement high heels. Preferably in red.

I am terrified of: Roaches! Once, I trapped one under a cup and left it for 2 days til a friend came over and killed it for me!

I am currently reading: John Piper’s updated re-release of Desiring God, Nerve – a book about what makes a hero and this decadent cookbook on flaming French Desserts.

Best place for writing: sprawled out on my living room floor with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in my hand, surrounded by pens, journals and books.

God is currently teaching me: His unconditional love for the world and how my life is to be a visible outpouring of that love.

You can keep up with Gabrielle on twitter and pinterest.

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