Q&A: Are FLRs (Female Led Relationships) A-Ok With God?

Hi Ladies, I would like to get some feedback from your experiences as women about something less talked about; female led relationships, or FLR. Please understand this has nothing to do with S&M or dominating female sexual behavior; more so, … Continue reading

Why Are There “Christian Mean Girls”?

While at church Jessica and Taylor sat in the corner watching some of the girls in their singles class: “Have you seen what they’re wearing today?” Taylor asked with a turned up nose. “Laura Ingalls Wilder called and wants her … Continue reading

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Wants to Take the Science Out of the Abortion Debate

This past weekend, MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry drew a lot of attention for not only an interesting pair of accessories, tampon earrings, but also for her statements on when life begins. Often pro-lifers are told by pro-choicers to keep their … Continue reading

Middle School Girl Kicked Off Football Team: Scriptural or Unfair?

                        Recently, Maddy Blythe, a 12-year-old girl with hopes of becoming a college football player, was kicked off her Christian school’s football team because the school’s CEO, Patrick Stuart, … Continue reading

More Than a Feeling: How Husbands Should Love Their Wives

Written by: Alex Montgomery (Husband to Diane Montgomery) If you asked a man if he loved his wife, most men would certainly say yes. “Of course I love my wife, that’s why I married her.” Marriage seems so simple. Two … Continue reading