Prophetesses: Leaders or Servants? Teachers or Messengers?

Miriam, Deborah, Anna, Huldah, Isaiah’s wife and Philip’s four daughters. Few women have caused more controversy and confusion regarding women’s roles in the church than these nine. What was the big deal about them?…..Well, they were prophetesses. Some  call them … Continue reading

Throwing the Hierarchy Out with the Bath Water?

When I was growing up, I had the privilege of helping my family in an extraordinary task; we flipped houses. That’s right, six houses, one cottage, and one hotel, restaurant, and coffee shop. Flipping houses definitely taught us valuable life … Continue reading

Our Mother Who Art in Heaven: Examining Rob Bell’s “She”

*Please watch the video at the above link.* more about ““She” Nooma Video“, posted with vodpod Recently, Rob Bell, pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, has caused an uproar among Christian circles for his book,  “Love Wins.”   He argues that a loving … Continue reading