More Than a Feeling: How Husbands Should Love Their Wives

Written by: Alex Montgomery (Husband to Diane Montgomery) If you asked a man if he loved his wife, most men would certainly say yes. “Of course I love my wife, that’s why I married her.” Marriage seems so simple. Two … Continue reading

The Make – Up of a GCB

ABC launched a new series to their Sunday evening prime-time line-up that has caused quite a stir among the Christian and Dallas communities alike.  “GCB” was dubbed from “Good Christian Belles” (even though, let’s be honest, we all know “B” … Continue reading

Why Marriage Matters

His eyes glazed over. For a minute I thought they were going to roll back into his head. There was a brief flash of anxiety and then he settled into a blank coma of boredom. So, what are you writing … Continue reading

Me Tarzan, You Jane

It’s all over twitter. It’s discussed in detail in all the recent dating and relationship books. It screamed at us from reality television. Every successful TV matchmaker demands you live by it. It is woven into the plot of all … Continue reading