Q&A: Are FLRs (Female Led Relationships) A-Ok With God?

Hi Ladies, I would like to get some feedback from your experiences as women about something less talked about; female led relationships, or FLR. Please understand this has nothing to do with S&M or dominating female sexual behavior; more so, … Continue reading

Is Not Going “All the Way” Still Going Too Far?

Dear Unlocking Femininity, I need some help. My friends don’t understand why it is against God’s plan to do everything that isn’t sex that involves touching places that shouldn’t be touched outside of marriage. “It’s not technically sex and there’s … Continue reading

Unlocking Femininity’s Recommended Reading

I was wondering if there were any good reads that ya’ll would recommend? ~ Emily That is a great question! All four of us at Unlocking Femininity are avid readers and have many favorite books. But here are a few … Continue reading