Religion and Compatibility: Can Relationships Last Without It?

When it comes to finding that special someone with whom you could spend the rest of your days, compatibility will take you a long way. Sure, chemistry plays its initial role in sparking interest; Commonality may have a part in … Continue reading

What Would You Give Up for True Love?

What would you give up to experience true love? I interviewed several men and women, asking them what they would give up for love. Their answers were telling. “I’d give up Diet Dr. Pepper. And I am hard-core addicted.” “I … Continue reading

Valentine’s Vlogging

It’s a new year…well, the start of it at any rate, and with the new year comes new adventures.  One new adventure we’ve been praying about is expanding Unlocking Femininity into the “vlogging” world (A vlog is a video blog … Continue reading