Valentine’s Day Survivors

We made it, my single friends!  We survived another dreaded black holiday universally known as “Valentine’s Day.”  This is the holiday I have heard back-handedly labeled, “Single-Awareness Day.”  It’s the time of the year when even shopping heightens your already-keen knowledge … Continue reading

What Would You Give Up for True Love?

What would you give up to experience true love? I interviewed several men and women, asking them what they would give up for love. Their answers were telling. “I’d give up Diet Dr. Pepper. And I am hard-core addicted.” “I … Continue reading

Radical Dating: Behind the Scenes

“Time flies when you’re having fun!” So much truth in that little pithy statement, isn’t there?  When we look back over the course of the last five years of our lives, each of us are in awe over where God … Continue reading