A Quiet Revolution

A conclusion of the True Woman Conference 2010. The world bombards women with label after label, trying to define who they are and who they should strive to become. Whether it is “Superwoman,” “Sex Object” “Career-Focused,” “Commodity,” or “Slave,” the … Continue reading

Raising a Teenager in a Gossip Girl World

Inspired by Panel Discussion during the True Woman 2010 conference. What’s the key to raising a biblical woman? I know for some, it’s almost impossible to believe that it can be done in this culture but it CAN be done! … Continue reading

What More Do I Need?

Discussion Panel, True Woman 2010 Conference A panel of godly women spoke to those at True Woman 2010, the panel consisted of Carolyn McCulley, Kay Arthur, Mary Kassian, Karen Loritts, Holly Elliff, and Dannah Gresh. And as I sat there … Continue reading

Do you know about Anima?

Inspired by Carolyn McCulley’s Breakout Session “Women’s Global Issues” at True Woman 2010 “Do they know?” “Do Christians in America know that the women here in Sudan are being raped and murdered? Do they know?” Amina asked the American missionaries, … Continue reading