Paul: A Chauvinist Pig who Hates Women?

We quickly jumped in to easy conversation, remembering old times and catching up on all that we had missed in the last few years. We covered love, travel, politics, and eventually got around to the church. One of the young women passionately stated, “The Church is the only place where women are not Equal!”
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The Great Gender Debate – Part Two

This is a two-part blog on the Great Gender Debate. To read the first half of this article, click here. Role distinction a result of Creation or the Fall? The second question one must grabble with in dealing with the … Continue reading

The Great Gender Debate – Part One

“Is there an order of creation, and is it of any cosmic significance?” This is a question posed by Letha Scanzoni and Nancy Hardesty in their egalitarian book, All We’re Meant To Be. This question is also asked by many … Continue reading

Headship: What Does Kephale Have To Do With Anything?

Kephale. Weird word right? It’s Greek, in fact, it is the Koine Greek of the New Testament. This one little strange word causes some serious disagreements about Biblical husband/wife relationships. Kephale is used in the New Testament when referring to … Continue reading