Sexuality vs. Christianity

It was a typical Wednesday night at church. Hoards of overly-energetic teenagers clustered in little groups, giggling and whispering over the S-E-X Talk they had just been treated to by a rather sweaty middle-aged deacon. A rather grungy 10th grader … Continue reading

The Feminist and the Man-Boy

Our culture is flooded with selfish little boys running around in the bodies of grown men; who live completely selfish lives, leaving a trail of used and hurt people in their wake – the Man-Boy. The man-boy syndrome is not confined to … Continue reading

The De-Sexing of America

It’s new. It seems completely mild mannered and innocuous. But it is dangerous. It’s everywhere we look. It’s affecting our teenagers. It’s showing up in the newest versions of our Bibles. It dictates what we wear. It is on every … Continue reading