Gender Roles: What’s the Big Deal?!

We were lost. Completely lost! It was the middle of the night; my friends and I were vacationing in Orlando, Florida, and somehow we got horribly lost on the back roads of Disney. I know, I didn’t even know Disney … Continue reading

The Feminist and the Man-Boy

Our culture is flooded with selfish little boys running around in the bodies of grown men; who live completely selfish lives, leaving a trail of used and hurt people in their wake – the Man-Boy. The man-boy syndrome is not confined to … Continue reading

Paul: A Chauvinist Pig who Hates Women?

We quickly jumped in to easy conversation, remembering old times and catching up on all that we had missed in the last few years. We covered love, travel, politics, and eventually got around to the church. One of the young women passionately stated, “The Church is the only place where women are not Equal!”
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