The Feminist and the Man-Boy

Our culture is flooded with selfish little boys running around in the bodies of grown men; who live completely selfish lives, leaving a trail of used and hurt people in their wake – the Man-Boy. The man-boy syndrome is not confined to … Continue reading

Man Whisperer vs. True Woman

“NEW DATING BOOK Says Feminism Ruins Relationships, Women Can Stop Men from Cheating,” read the headline of the December 8th Fox News article. “First there was the dog whisperer. Then there was the ghost whisperer. Now comes the controversial new … Continue reading

Raising a Teenager in a Gossip Girl World

Inspired by Panel Discussion during the True Woman 2010 conference. What’s the key to raising a biblical woman? I know for some, it’s almost impossible to believe that it can be done in this culture but it CAN be done! … Continue reading

What More Do I Need?

Discussion Panel, True Woman 2010 Conference A panel of godly women spoke to those at True Woman 2010, the panel consisted of Carolyn McCulley, Kay Arthur, Mary Kassian, Karen Loritts, Holly Elliff, and Dannah Gresh. And as I sat there … Continue reading