Meet Diane

A natural hostess, she is famous for her Saturday morning breakfasts of syrup cups (waffles) and bacon! D is the fiercely loyal friend (aka “Mama Bear”) that will always tell it like it is…. even if it means admitting you really do look fat in those jeans. An amazing athlete, she still plays competitive tennis and the girls are convinced that she could take them in a fight. She encourages young women to understand how God’s loving plan sets them free from the world’s heartaches.

Getting to know Diane:


My friends always make fun of me for: getting WIRED on Venti Iced Coffee. I begin dancing, fidgeting and speaking in accents. My “Jersey” accent tends to be a crowd favorite.

My favorite junk food is: I die for Cheese Puff Corn!

My favorite accessory is: My wedding ring! I never leave home without it. But, I also love a good statement bag.

I love my friends because: I can always count on them for godly advice and to be honest with me in love. They always point me to Christ and sharpen my walk with Him. Plus, they’re amazingly fun!

Best place for writing: Anywhere besides my house! I love a good coffee shop that has free refills and good music.

God is currently teaching me: Giving continual grace and mercy even when I feel like I’m justified. God gives me immediate grace, why shouldn’t I do the same?

You can keep up with her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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