What We Believe

Our hearts’ desire is to engage women and girls with God’s design for their femininity and unlock the timeless truth of His Word in their lives.

We do not write about gender roles merely to pick an argument.

We do not focus on femininity because we like women more than we like men.

We do not fight for complementarianism because we like the pretension of a long, un-spellable name.

We are about the Gospel, because to us the Gospel is everything. We are convicted that the issues of masculinity, femininity, gender, marriage, family, and purity are integral expressions of the Gospel message. And so we are compelled to proclaim the complete Gospel of Jesus Christ – whether or not it makes sense, feels good or comes naturally. Because God is the only God, his plan for us is always best, and He is our only option for a future of true freedom, purpose and joy.

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