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Unlocking FemininityLike most females, we talk like it’s our job. Thankfully for us – it is! We get positively giddy at the thought of connecting with our readers. We would love to hear your testimonies, prayer requests, questions, and any issues you would like to see us write about.The best way to get in touch with us is through  TwitterFacebook or email at    

You are welcome to republish the content, given that you do not alter the wording in any way, you provide the appropriate credit to Unlocking Femininity, and insert a link to this website in the reproduction. All we ask is that you honor copyright guidelines. All reproductions must be entire articles and not excerpts. Any printed copy or exceptions to the above must be approved by Unlocking Femininity. You can email us about any specific permission requests.

9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear sisters,

    You all are doing good jobs for the kingdom of God. The world is worse and worse day after day. Most of the people of the world follow after money, but not God. In that situation, you are doing what you can do for the kingdom of God. I appreciate you all!

  2. Hi Ladies!

    I’ve been reading your writing on Gender Blog for some time and just today checked out your site. Love it, love it, love it!

    You are making a tremendous effort to teach others about biblical womanhood. So glad for how God is using you! Thanks for creating such a great resource.

    In Christ,

    Kim Schmidt

    P.S. Seeing some Facebook pictures of you all together makes me want to call my seminary girlfriends (Southern) to catch up! Good friends are a blessing from the Lord.

  3. am loving this blog! Thanks for introducing me to it Gabrielle! Every one of you are great writers and every article/blog you write is so applicable, timely, and RELEVANT! Sarah I have read and REread your Inconvenient Conviction 3 times now. I was already leaning toward being convicted myself the past week and then there was your blog. Thank you for opening my mind to the TRUTH.

  4. most of the women I speak to about Christianity seem concerned with being unevenly yoked to a partner in life regards their Christianity but the truth for me is worrying over this is a sign of lack of perspective in reality.. Seeking an equal or someone you think is equal is funny really.Lol im not sure if a woman wasn’t out of my league so to speak that id want her .I really appreciate a woman who is more.
    .Ive notice that some women despite offices of the church to the contrary that some women are much more spiritual and though ive been taught a man should always be head of household especially spiritually -fact is some of us men aren’t, im not saying I shouldn’t strive to be more spiritual but like other things some women are better at , ,the truth is I may well find a future mate who is more spiritual head of household than me.I truly hope I improve but ill not be ashamed not even dismayed by dating a woman who is spiritually more head of household than I am. I do try to remain humble as a person and while its sad I have not progressed further in spirituality, I hope I may always be open to being led by someone who may be more spiritual than me.. I am quite sure that would be a godsend to me personally.Good luck and godspeed you in seeking and serving the lord.sincerely yours ,babe mwah

  5. I guess I have a question the scripture says men ought to love their wife as Christ loves the Church and gave Him self for het. So is this scripture based on what the husband says and feel or is it based on what the wife says and feels. To me if a husband is saying he loves his wife but the wife isn’t feeling it or seeing it then something is wrong.

  6. Hello ladies I just read thE article about becoming a proverbs 31 woman by Dianne and it was so inspiring and encouraging, what you guys are doing is awesome I wanna get involved how can I do so. I believe your ministry has the ability to shape mold and teach woman who are unfamiliar on how to be and woman of God inregards to daily life practices

  7. I am very glad to read about Chaplain Whitney’s ministry. I have started the hospital Chaplain ministry thirteen years ago, worked along with young female chaplains and chaplain aspirants, young/old, male or female each one of us has a unique role to play. Never allow feeling of insecurities or the thought what others will think (Satan bring these) to slows you down on the unique mission God has entrusted on you. Chhers

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