Do You Trust God? Or Do You Trust Yourself More?

Molly has been living in the same city for a few years. She has a good job, great friends, and a wonderful church. But then God asks her to move to a new state where she doesn’t know anyone, doesn’t have a church, and doesn’t have a job yet. After praying, seeking godly wisdom from Scripture and godly friends, she does what the Lord asked. She didn’t question but trusted His leading, packed up her bags, and took a huge step of faith.

Abby is a young Christian woman finding her way in life. She’s been doing all the right things but seems to take a step back for every two she steps forward into God’s plan. She keeps ending up at the same place in life, because of het fear of making a wrong decision, she ends up making no decision at all. She’s never able to make a confident decision because she keeps coming back to the same questions: Is God really good? Can I really trust His leading- what if I’m hearing Him wrong?

Kaiya has been at the same job for a few years and is fairly content with it too but out of the blue comes the prospect of a new job. She wonders whether this is God’s will or if it’s Satan’s way of making her discontent with life’s circumstances? After evaluating the job and her motives for taking, along with seeking the advice of her husband and friends, she realizes this job would serve His kingdom and bring Him more glory. So Kaiya takes the new job and takes a huge leap of faith into the unknown.

Some Christians seem to make decisions fairly quickly with ease, not questioning too much, while others take forever to decide which way to go, changing their minds a few times and afraid they’ve made the wrong choice. Some seem steady, confident and consistent while others live in fear, worry, without peace.The difference between these women comes down to one thing: Their faith in God.

One woman trusts in God. One trusts herself.

The Woman Who Trusts God

Has Faith
Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds. For you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. Jas.1:2-3

The woman who trusts God during life’s trials and decisions has faith. She believes God’s goodness and trusts that His commands will lead her down the right path. (Ps.25:10) Part of the reason God sends us trials and decisions is to test our faith. He wants to see if we’ll trust Him, if we’ll trust what His word says for us to do.

Everyone in the “Hall of Faith” (Heb. 11) is exemplified because they obeyed God’s leading in their life, even when they didn’t know where they were going. When God told them to do something, they didn’t second-guess everything, ask endless questions, or try to make deals with God. They had FAITH so they were obedient.

Decisions aren’t something to be afraid of, but something to embrace because it’s an opportunity to grow stronger in faith. It’s an invitation to grow closer in a relationship with Jesus.

Is Mature
And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. Jas.1:4

When we trust Him – when we pass the “faith test” – then we develop spiritual maturity. When we trust our perfect God, then we become complete and perfect in Him. We lack for nothing because we have faith in Christ. You don’t constantly ask if you’re doing the right thing, or if you’re making the right choice, because you’re becoming wiser and more complete in Christ. You’ve put your faith in Him and He’s perfecting you.

Is Wise
If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. Jas.1:5

God desires to give us His wisdom and give it abundantly! But, we must first qualify for it. We must show that we trust Him with every part of our life. A woman who trusts God makes wise decisions because she’s been given wisdom from God and she listens to His instruction. (Prov.31:26,30).

Have you ever noticed that the most spiritual women you’ve met never seem to battle about what to do with their lives and the decisions they face? They evaluate if the choice would bring God glory, if it would bring them closer to Him, and if the decision lines up with God’s Word. Then they make the decision. There’s no worrying, crying, or fear because, whatever decision they make, they know God will direct their path. They’ve trusted God and He’s given them wisdom, through His Word, to make wise choices for their lives.

The Woman Who Trusts Herself:

Is Doubtful
But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. Jas.1:6

The exact opposite of faith is doubt. The woman who doubts what the Lord says is a woman who doesn’t have faith. She’s constantly questioning whether what God says is true or really for her best. She refuses to trust God and experience His goodness in her life. Look at what happened when Eve began doubting God: She began to doubt His goodness, His wisdom, and His commands and started to think she knew best. That was the moment the whole world changed – for the worse.

The woman who doubts has a faith that is easily tossed around, can be easily torn apart by Satan’s lies, and can be easily destroyed. Doubt leads to fear which then leads to spiritual and emotional paralysis. The woman who doesn’t trust the Lord will never grow, will constantly be afraid, and get stuck in the same spiritual and emotional place.

Is Unwise
For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; Jas.1:7

Faith is what allows you to apply wisdom so if you don’t have faith then you don’t get wisdom. It’s as simple as that. Since this woman doubts the Lord’s goodness, His faithfulness, His wisdom, and His Word, she cannot be wise. She questions everything that is wise from the Lord. She questions the advice of godly people around her. (Prov.8:3 10:17) She leans on her own understanding which leads her on a path towards destruction. (Prov.3:5-6) She becomes the fool that Proverbs constantly talks about because she lacks wisdom.

The unwise woman has to question if she should go to church because she’ll see her ex boyfriend and she just doesn’t have a good “feeling” about it. She puts aside the wisdom of God’s word that says it’s ALWAYS a good idea to go to church, ex-boyfriend or no ex-boyfriend, because of how she “feels.” If you don’t trust God then you don’t have wisdom and without wisdom you can’t make good decisions for your life.

Is Unstable

He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. Jas. 1:8

You never know what she’s going to do because she’s not steady in her faith in the Lord. She trusts her emotions over God’s wisdom and relies on “feelings” to make decisions. If you “follow your heart” it will deceive you and lead you astray. (Jer.17:9) Feelings are not always in line with Scripture and they can change each minute which means your mind will change every time your emotions do. When you don’t trust the Lord with your life or trust His Word then there will be panic and indecisiveness with each decision. With panic comes erratic emotions that can lead to instability and inconsistency.

The woman who trusts herself and doubts God is guaranteed to be on a spiritual roller coaster until she entrusts her future to the Lord.

So which woman are you? Do you trust God’s Wisdom, His direction for your life? Or do you doubt Him at every step, with every word He says? Do you trust God? Or Do you trust yourself?


8 thoughts on “Do You Trust God? Or Do You Trust Yourself More?

  1. I apologize in advance; I’m not going to read this whole article. Usually your articles are so insightful and I have learned a lot from them. This one, however, I disagree with–at least the the “has faith” section. While I agree that the balance between trusting yourself and trusting God is a difficult game of teeter-totter to play, I disagree with your implication that having trusting in God means “to make decisions fairly quickly with ease, not questioning too much, while others take forever to decide which way to go, changing their minds a few times and afraid they’ve made the wrong choice.” My first problem with this is that this premise can easily be extrapolated to “the first thing that comes into your mind must be God’s will.” It almost sounds like you are saying that if one spends time pondering a decision or collecting information or seeking confirmation of God’s will, that person is acting out of a lack of faith. One of my favorite of the heroes in the Bible is Gideon, who was so unsure of God’s will that he asked for a miracle, and even after God provided the miracle, he asked for another! And not just any miracle, but one specific miracle.
    My second problem with that premise of “quick decisions equals faithful decisions” is that God made us all different! There are many people who are gifted at quick decisions; their best answer is their first answer. These people thrive in situations where they are allowed to shoot from the hip. I (obviously) am not one of these. I am one of those people who is skilled at accumulating information (knowledge, experience, opinions, scripture, scientific data), putting it all together, and coming up with a solution. I can solve difficult problems when I have the opportunity to study the problem in depth. Please don’t ask me to shoot from the hip; it will be a random guess, and I will most likely regret the result for years to come! I am this way because God made me this way. I have been this way all of my life; it is not a result of somebody’s teaching or mentoring. I am a slow decider because God made me that way; I cannot believe that he would have made me that way if the rule was that I am only being faithful if I act against that!
    I have another major problem with this article. This paragraph: “Everyone in the “Hall of Faith” (Heb. 11) is there because they didn’t doubt God but obeyed His leading in their life, even when they didn’t know where they were going. When God told them to do something, they didn’t second-guess everything, ask endless questions, or try to make deals with God. They had FAITH so they were obedient.” These sentences make me want to ask if you have actually read Heb 11, but that would be rude. What about Abraham and Sarah? (v.8-12) Clearly, they had mountains of faith, but still Sarah laughed, and when their faith waned, they contrived their own plan for providing an heir. Jacob definitely trusted himself more than he did God, at least early in life, when he schemed to trick his father! Do you think he was acting on his faith in God when he did that? And Moses! ha! Moses asked so many questions at the burning bush that “The Lord’s anger burned against Moses!” (Ex 4:14) My fav, Gideon is listed along with David in v. 32. Gideon definitely did not act quickly, and he definitely doubted! And God still used him!
    You say that these people are listed as the heroes of our faith BECAUSE they didn’t doubt, but I say they are heroes of our faith IN SPITE OF their doubt! They acted out of faith…eventually, despite their hemming and hawing, tossing and turning, insecurities, inconsistency, and fear!

    • I enjoyed both the article, and your response. Thank you for providing me an alternative assessment – I needed both. I am always amazed at God’s providence … 40 min before I found this article I had posted this on FB:
      “I am searching for answers… Tell me, how do YOU know you are doing God’s will instead of allowing Satan to keep you FROM God’s will? Some things are easy… following the commandments for instance. But what about the gray areas…. Which job to take? Where to live? Who to marry (or if you even should)? Which church to go to?

      For those of you who don’t believe God cares about these decisions, please skip this post… lol”

      Is God great or what? Thanks ladies!!!

  2. Hi, some of your articles I can’t read! When I click on them this text comes up:

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/dgabnsa1/public_html/dgabnsa1_unlockingfemininity1/wp-content/themes/roundabout/functions.php on line 320

    Just wanted to let you know! Hope you can fix it! I really like reading what you write! 🙂
    (Hope my english is ok 🙂

    Cecilia from Finland

    • Cecilia,
      Thank you for letting us know. We are currently working on the issue and apologize for any inconvenience this caused you! Thanks again for reading! You’re English was great! 🙂

  3. <>

    I am a person whose “natural bent” has been to question decisions and be afraid of making the wrong choices. I have been known to agonize over “doing the right thing.”

    This quote from your article is exactly what God has been teaching me within my heart over the last couple of years. Thank you for putting it into words so well!

    It is true that I alone am untrustworthy. But He is completely trustworthy. I can’t fail more often than He can redeem!

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