Should A Christian Women Get A Breast Augmentation?

Myself and two friends are looking at getting breast augmentation in February. I was wondering if you ladies could bring that up as a topic on your website and could you please give me your opinion?      

A Girl Considering Plastic Surgery

Gabby’s Thoughts:

Is a woman who lost a lot of weight and gets her boobs tacked up wrong? The woman who has a double mastectomy and gets replacement boobs? The woman whose husband pressures her to get them to please him? There are so many scenarios surrounding the boob job question, with situations as unique as the women that want them.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t just a new shade of lipstick or a hair dye that will fade. It is SURGERY. It carries risks and a long list of potential complications. As children of God, whose bodies are dedicated to serving and glorifying Him – it’s important that careful, prayerful consideration be given before risking your life (God’s life, actually) on an elective surgery. I don’t think there’s anything inherently sinful about elective procedures, but I do think it isn’t a choice to be made lightly.

As a girl who struggles to keep her identity solely in Christ, I know I would have to pray long and hard and seek extensive wise counsel to make sure I was making such a choice for a healthy reason, and not to give me identity – which I should find in Christ alone. I know a lot of women with boob jobs, they still love Jesus, serve him and glorify him. It wasn’t a sin for them. But it could be for you. It’s a question that can only be answered between you and Christ (and your husband, if you have one).

Just remember, no matter what your decision, that you are overwhelmingly and unconditionally loved by God. No surgery or choice you make could ever make him love you less. You are his beautiful daughter, created for a magnificent purpose, designed with careful intention and bought with the blood of Christ.

Make your decision with those truths in mind.

Sarah’s Thoughts:

I would be lying to say that I’ve never thought of cosmetic surgery.  I think most women in our first world, privileged, media-consumed state have at least entertained the thought of body enhancement if not actually been under the knife. Plastic surgery is much like a two-sided coin; on one hand, I think it’s an unnecessary means to achieve something which time spent under the Word will only achieve. Often times, women are unhappy with their appearance because of the Barbie-doll syndrome perpetuated by a narcissistic society.  We have bought into the lie that we are not “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Ps 139:15)   On the other hand, my heart feels for the woman who feels lesser because she is not as feminine as she would like to be, who by a simple procedure can gain the confidence our society has stripped from her because she was made to feel “less than” anything their standard deemed attainable.

I think when coming to the decision of whether or not to go under the knife, one must ask a few questions:

1. What am I saying about God when I get a boob job? Is the clay saying to the Potter, “You made a mistake here?” When I have cosmetic surgery, am I not taking matters into my own hands?  Does the image of God, in which I was created, display itself through my outward appearance or is it more about my heart’s attitude of rest and trust in a sovereign Creator God who absolutely loves me and wouldn’t hold any good thing from me…including 32 DD?

2. What am I saying about myself? By whose standard do I measure myself, the world’s or God’s? By having surgery, do I not raise the world’s standard of perfection above God’s? Do I believe I am defined by a never-changing God? (Ps. 139; Eph.1;4:23-24) Or am I defined by an ever-changing, hedonistic world?

3. What am I saying about my influences?  If you’re in a place where you need to have plastic surgery to feel like “one of the girls,” you should probably find new friends. One year in college, I worked at a department store in the luxury purses section. I had never owned a luxury purse and I was surviving the deprivation splendidly. Then, I started to surround myself with people who were so singularly focused on living the elite life. Purses were no longer a matter of convention; they were statements. The longer I worked there, the stronger the desire for one became. I actually picked out several I wanted to buy once I saved like six paychecks. But, I was so largely influenced by those around me that what they saw as important I eventually thought the same way. We’re all influencers and, as such, we’re equally able to be influenced. If you’re finding yourself desiring things that seem contrary to God’s Word or previous concerns in your life, check your friend base. It may be that with a change of influences, the desire to alter yourself to their standard will diminish.

Bottom line: Are boob jobs sinful? I am not God, nor do I want to be, so it’s hard for me to answer that question right out.  What I would have you focus on is the motivation behind why you feel the need for one.  Ask yourselves the above questions and seek the Lord’s wisdom on the matter. He’ll show you!

Diane’s Thoughts:

 After having a baby and breastfeeding taking its toll on my chest area, I have certainly entertained the idea of getting plastic surgery down the road.  It’s a difficult topic and one that Scripture doesn’t give a clear answer to, but I think it comes down to your motives: are you doing it to make your body more attractive to men? To keep up with world’s standards of beauty? Or, are you getting new breasts after cancer, years of breastfeeding or after an accident marred their appearance?

As a single woman, what are you using the boob job for? If it’s to be more attractive in the world’s eyes, then I think a breast augmentation can be sinful. If it’s so a man, who isn’t your husband, will find you more attractive, then that’s a wrong motive because you’re purposefully trying to get him to focus on and lust after a part of you that is only meant only for your husband. If a man’s “love” is based upon his lust for you, then it will fade as soon as wrinkles start appearing, cellulite dimples your thighs, or your belly starts pouching out after pregnancy. True love isn’t based upon physical attraction.

Another thing to consider is: Will this be a God-honoring way to spend thousands of dollars? God calls us to be good stewards of the money He gives us, so is a breast augmentation the best way for you to spend His money? (Prov. 3:9;Lk. 16:10-12;12:33)

Eventually, all the affects of plastic surgery will fade away and what will be left is your heart, soul,  and mind; these are what are truly beautiful for a lifetime. (Prov. 31:30) Plastic surgery will never truly help fill that emotional void or bring you true happiness; complete contentment can only be found through seeking Christ and deep relationship with Him. As believers, our main focus should be glorifying God, serving the body of Christ, and being witnesses for the Gospel as children of God. As you’re considering surgery, ask yourself, “Will a boob job help me honor God with my body?

A Christian Man’s Thoughts
(Alex Montgomery)

As a man, I’ve got several different opinions for women in different situations. For starters, I’m not referring to women having plastic surgery to repair damage done by an accident or breast cancer. I’m talking about women who for solely cosmetic reasons want to get a breast augmentation. Second, I don’t think there is a clear-cut answer for all women, but rather the situation determines whether or not it’s prudent or sinful.

Motive for and usage of a breast augmentation are the main things that make it either appropriate or sinful. For single women, these are some motives for surgery: feeling sexy (or more feminine), desiring attention or to attract a man.  As a single woman dates, bigger breasts will play a part because they generally bring attention to a woman’s body and can cause possible future boyfriends to look at a woman in a very different, sexual way. A single woman who gets a breast augmentation will likely want to show them off to her possible boyfriends, leading them to lust after her. It’s simply not the godly way to attract the opposite sex.

Several years ago, I saw a single, Facebook acquaintance that got a breast enlargement in her 20s and I thought; She was a pretty girl before but now she moved into the lust-enticing kind of look. I have no idea of her motives, but the results from a man’s perspective were unmistakable. Usually breast implants don’t make a woman prettier, but it does make men think of her more sexually. Getting your hair done doesn’t do this to a guy; getting bigger breasts does. While for women they may both be ways of being more attractive, one does so in a way that helps men lust after her.

On the other hand, I think the situation of a married woman is very different. While she may have to work harder to be modest around other males, the target is her current husband.  Having him think about her in a sexual way is not sinful; the sexual attraction between husband and wife is a good thing. But, I don’t think it’s a healthy idea for a husband to ask his wife to get a breast augmentation. A husband should love his wife like God does; for her inner self, her gentle and quiet spirit. (1 Pet. 3:4) If a wife decides to get enhancement surgery then it should be as an act of love to her husband, not so that he will love her more. I don’t see nearly the same improper motives in this case but it should be a prayerful decision between husband, wife, and God.


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  1. Going through a breast augmentation is not sinful. Religion is made for humans and their betterment. By donig so, you are not going to transgress any of the God’s law. It is solely your decision whether you wish to undergo it or not. There are risks involved but those are not that serious. Breast augmentation is particularly safer as compared to facelift and other surgeries. Cosmetic surgery is dangerous for those who become over zealous and get obsessed to do surgery again and again. Remember, opt for it if you need it not because you want it. It should help you become a better person and lead a happy life either physical or psychologically. If any doubts you may ask me.

  2. This reminded me of a post I read on a marriage blog awhile back and I thought I would link to it. I happen to be on the opposite end where it seems to me I have plenty to spare and wouldn’t mind going a tad smaller for practical reasons. I don’t know why it should be any more sinful to increase than to decrease, except for the heart motivations on why you are doing it and I really liked what this lady had to say (she actually HAS had an augmentation). I don’t personally think ANYONE can tell you but God what you should or shouldn’t do in this area among many others. And if you ask Him, He will definitely be happy to gently guide you one way or another.

  3. As usual, I’m late to the party (late to reply to interesting articles I find online). But, as a bible-believing Christian (for literally decades), I wanted to throw my two cents in. What worries me about the way we discuss tough topics like this one, is the way we always judge others for things that we would never do, while giving ourselves a pass on things that are equally worthy of judgment (or at least scrutiny). So, like here, someone inquires about breast augmentation surgery. Then we get the following blogged points (with my comments following each one):
    1. Gabby’s Thoughts: “ it’s important that careful, prayerful consideration be given before risking your life (God’s life, actually) on an elective surgery. ” Ok. Point taken. However, the *exact* same could and should be said for Christians considering going sky-diving, rock-climbing, bungee jumping, or climbing Mt. Everest. All of these things, from elective surgery to climbing Mt. Everest are unnecessary risks that people take with their lives. Yet, you *know* that Christians are more likely to negatively judge a woman who gets a boob job than a woman who is a risk-taking mountain climber. That’s wrong.
    2. Sarah’s Thoughts: “Plastic surgery is much like a two-sided coin; on one hand, I think it’s an unnecessary means to achieve something which time spent under the Word will only achieve.” So, time spent under the Word will help you get boobs? Gabby already mentioned the risk-taking element of elective surgery. I addressed that above. But here, we get at heart issues that apply to all matters of vanity and/or beauty, not just plastic surgery. What does it say about God/ yourself/ your influences, when you three ladies put on makeup? When anyone gets braces for herself or a child to straighten out teeth that were crooked but perfectly functional? You did mention that it’s about motivation- that’s exactly right. But why would you get all super-spiritual about boob jobs when the same motivational issues apply to all the many things *you* do to make yourself prettier every day? Or, do you seriously just wake up, take a shower, dry off, and go (no makeup, no hair styling, no cute stylish outfit)? You see, *your* vanity is OK because it’s *yours*. But, boob jobs, because you’re not particularly interested in them, require a lot of super-spiritual judgment & consideration. Yeah, I like how that works out in your favor. If we’re just talking about the state of the heart- then whether it’s the makeup you three clearly were wearing in the website photo or a boob job, the same scriptural principles apply. Either regard all with the same super-spirituality, or give it a rest.
    3. Diane’s thoughts: “True love isn’t based upon physical attraction.” You’re right; it’s not. So, you should never, ever, wear makeup or style your hair or wear fashionable clothing again- throw out all your heels! If you meet a godly man who thinks you’re gorgeous, you better rebuke him quick and tell him to wear blindfolds every time you’re together. Ladies, again with the super-spirituality. *Of course*, true love isn’t based upon looks. But find me a godly Christian man who didn’t think his wife was hot (and who was persuaded to marry her, in part, because of that), and I’ll say that somebody just maybe, might-be, possibly lying. “Another thing to consider is: Will this be a God-honoring way to spend thousands of dollars? ” Stop right there. Break out a calculator. Tally up the cost of makeup and all your beauty products and all your unnecessary clothing purchases over the years until the end of your life (let’s pretend). Oh, and how many Christians need to add in the cost of their better-than-economical car (e.g., BMWs and Mercedes and Range Rovers, even Volvos, hmmm???). Oh, and don’t forget the annual trip to Disney World, because you know that that money could be spent on a mission trip. Now then, tell me again about the cost of plastic surgery. Every day, whether it’s a Starbucks latte or the lipstick refill, or the Old Navy dress you seriously don’t need, you are spending money on non-essentials while people are starving. But of course, the thousands of dollars you, yes *you* have already spent on non-essentials is just fine because it’s not a boob job (how’s that plank in your eye coming, by the way?). “Plastic surgery will never truly help fill that emotional void or bring you true happiness”. Neither will anything else, darling. So, all of anyone’s attempts at being pretty, popular, getting a good husband, having good kids, having the right house with a 2 car garage, getting the right job… None of that will, either. Christ must be the only source of hope and joy and confidence. Period. Not a boob job and not the things that even you three ladies have and do that make yourselves feel pretty or comfortable in this life (you’re only human, like the rest of us).

    In closing, did I just rant for way too long? Absolutely. Will you three ignore my post, thinking “what a cranky person- she clearly has issues.” I expect so, and you’re absolutely right. I have a ton of issues. One of which is American Christians’ pastime of judging someone else’s servant (c.f. Romans 14:4). If a Christian woman wants to get a boob job, you should *only* say to her what you would tell any Christian woman considering *any* issue of beauty or vanity or stewardship, whether it’s the vanity that you guys cherish and practice or a, *gasp* boob job. “Each of us will give an account of ourselves to God” and “let us stop passing judgment on one another.” Let’s say you put on makeup to feel pretty. Another woman who was born naturally flat-chested decides to get a modest breast augmentation so that she is distinguishable from a boy from the neck down. Direct her to the same scriptures that speak to you and your lipstick and all of your unnecessary luxuries (you know you didn’t need to shop that sale at Ann Taylor). Don’t act like she’s embarking on some risky spiritual venture and make her feel judged simply by the advice you give (because if I read this blog and was about to get a boob job, I’d feel *very* judged).

    • Ellcee,

      We should be very careful about what we consider an opinion versus what we consider “judgement”. It seems that, especially these days, people are increasingly sensitive about advice; especially Christian advice. We’re very quick to cast something off as a judgmental statement (especially when we know or feel that someone may be right about what we feel they’re “judging” us about) . Please keep in mind that the young lady previously asked for an honest opinion on the subject of breast augmentation (I’ll abbreviate it BA, I guess). And that’s exactly what the three women did, give her their own honest opinions. Their opinions clearly opposed yours in some way, and right now you seem to be attacking their opinions or rather attempting to correct or argue them, marking them as “judgmental opinions”. How so? Were the women too straight-forward? If we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, just sugar-coated everything in life to avoid making people feel judged, then we would risk pretty much walking on thin ice about everything. Even worse, we wouldn’t be too successful in trying to help our members in Christ refrain from making decisions that potentially go against the only one who TRULY matters, our Lord. There are scriptures that encourage us to correct our brothers and sisters. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that there is a particular way that people should get their opinions across. For instance, we shouldn’t curse people out and purposely say hurtful things to make them feel terrible about themselves, their decisions, or potential decisions. These three ladies simply stated their opinions from their own perspectives, and did very well, I might add. Sometimes it’s not what people say, it’s how you take it. (this is only SOMETIMES, because at other times, people really can be too harsh with what they say.) You really made it sound as if the ladies called the young woman dumb for even considering such a thing as BA and cursed her…hence your ending statement “because if I read this blog and was about to get a boob job, I’d feel very judged.” It’s amazing, some people can state opposing opinions as nicely as they can to a person (just as these three ladies did)…but some people will always take opposing opinions as an attack….sometimes because they’re not secure within themselves; sometimes because in their hearts, they know something is wrong, but to cover themselves up they go on a rant about how someone’s opinion is “judgmental”.

      If you don’t mind, I’d like to point out some of the statements you said.

      1. “What worries me about the way we discuss tough topics like this one, is the way we always judge others for things that we would never do, while giving ourselves a pass on things that are equally worthy of judgment.” —Ok…I know I saw at least two of the three ladies specifically say, “I’ve considered augmentation myself once.” This tells me that these ladies can somehow relate and aren’t judging the young lady for something “they would never do.”

      2. I just want to say (about your first point) this post isn’t about bungee climbing or climbing mount Everest. It’s about breast augmentation. I mean, I guess I see that you’re trying to compare life-risking situations. But I think the three ladies were trying to point out the major fact that breast augmentation requires a physical alteration to your body that deviates from the initial frame of body that God Himself gave you and obviously intended for you to have (or else He wouldn’t have given it to you in the first place.) Yes, bungee jumping and climbing huge mountains are possibly dangerous….but if that’s the case, so is getting on an airplane to see a family member or going to the zoo where a caged wild animal could accidentally get loose. Either way you’re risking your life…perhaps some situations are less likely than others (i.e. the caged animal thing) But none of those risks really cause a person to deviate from what God created them to be physically. Plastic surgery, however, kind of does. Don’t get me wrong, if I were to get BA tomorrow, God would still love me unconditionally! But does that mean He would love the decision I made? I don’t know. I’m not God. My guess would be, however, that it wouldn’t be something He appreciates. If He wanted me to have larger breasts, wouldn’t He have given them to me? In this walk with Christ, we must remember that absolutely EVERYTHING is about Him and Him alone! It is no longer about us and what we want based on our feelings, especially if our desires are for our own selfish reasons. It’s not about the person who makes fun of our flat chests or the fact that we can’t fill up a DD bra. It’s about God alone, and what HE desires for our lives. If God doesn’t mind a woman getting breast implants, then I don’t either! But it is especially important to consult with God on this matter and pay attention to the Holy Spirit, and not just go by your feelings and say, “Well, I want this because it looks good. So I’m doing it.” Eve bit the forbidden fruit years and years ago because it looked good (and because she was tempted). Didn’t turn out too well, did it?

      3. You said something else that kind of bothered me. ..–>”So, time spent under the Word will help you get boobs?”<— My fellow sister in Christ, I believe you totally missed what Sarah was saying when she said "Plastic surgery is much like a two-sided coin; on one hand, I think it’s an unnecessary means to achieve something which time spent under the Word will only achieve." I'm quite certain Sarah didn't mean that time under the Word will give you boobs. You're thinking carnally, while Sarah was trying to convey a spiritual message, a VERY important one, I might add! I believe Sarah means that spending time under the Word means that you will eventually receive the ability through God alone to find unconditional acceptance of yourself, regardless of the way you look, and confidence, comfort and unconditional love for yourself. Some (not all, but some) women get BA because they don't feel accepting or comfortable about their bodies. So they seek different ways (such as BA) to "fix" the problem. But you know what works even better than getting BA? STUDYING and ROOTING yourself in the Word of God and letting HIM teach you how to love yourself and your body! We as a society have got to stop falling into the trap of believing that just because we strongly dislike a part of our bodies means we have to or should go to or even have the right to (according to God) go to extreme lengths to fix it in order to make ourselves feel better! Too quickly we turn to the flesh to correct things, when we should be turning to the Spirit. We have got to believe that since God gave us our bodies, He's also given us the ability to love it, even if we don't know how or haven't loved it before. We just have to seek Him to find out how. It's much more rewarding than trusting in a surgeon to give you the confidence you never had. Let GOD teach you how to love your body regardless of how you look. Because if you're a young lady who wants augmentation because you're ashamed of your small breasts and it makes you sad to look at them, then getting them surgically enhanced will only temporarily fix a problem that just may be spiritually internal. Some women may just want augmentation because they want to try something different…let's keep in mind that this isn't just a new hair dye or clothing as the article previously mentioned.

      And you know, I do not want to be rude with this statement, but if I had a penny for every time someone compared breast augmentation to makeup….well you know the rest. Can you really even compare the two? Makeup…something you can put on your face and wipe off at the end of the day and still look the same….with a procedure that causes you to really physically alter your body..requires someone to cut into you, implant some unnatural substance in your body and everything? I mean, I guess the two are comparable if you get your eyebrows or eyeliner tattooed on or something…but…really? Maybe you could be right on this one…but I just don't quite understand the severity of the comparison here. It's almost like comparing apples to oranges.

      Also, let's not forget that as far as someone being physically attracted to you…there are different strokes for different folks. You do not have to have large breasts for someone to be attracted to you. If God gave a woman a flat chest, don't you think He would give the woman's God-ordained husband the inclination to be attracted to and appreciate very small breasts? Not all men like big breasts. Yes, I'm sure a man first looked at his soon-to-be-wife and said "she's hot." As a matter of fact there are many spiritual books about relationships that suggest that being attracted to your mate is very important.(of course it is!) But there are different definitions of "hot." Flat chests/small breasts, whether we know it or not, can fit into that definition for many men.

      In closing, I want to say this one thing. I guess I am so adamant about this subject because of who I am.

      I, myself, since maybe junior high, severely struggled with fully appreciating my body. I was tiny and had small breasts. I had a friend who was much more endowed, and likewise, she received more attention…and guys would even sometimes compare me to her and make me feel small (no pun intended). I prayed and prayed to God that I may gain weight and my breasts would grow. I even considered BA myself… the most "natural looking" kind so it wouldn't be too obvious. The hate for my physical body caused me to spiral into a deep depression, and pretty soon I started contemplating suicide because I severely disliked myself. And this went on until age 21. Guess what? Still today, I am small with small breasts, about to be 22 years old…weighing a little over 100 lbs…probably same size as junior high. Perhaps not as "womanly" as some men would like, but for now, it's who I am. Admittedly, sometimes I still struggle with appreciating my small frame. I can't even lie to you and say that I don't think about gaining weight sometimes. As a matter of fact, googling "A Christian's perspective about BA" is what led me here. And the article convicted me. But Needless to say, God never answered my prayer about gaining weight and growing my breasts. Well, you know what? Yes, He did. But He didn't answer me by giving me weight gain and breast growth. He answered me by simply letting me know that I needed to embrace what He gave me and not be conformed to this WORLD, and that a physical alteration wasn't going to fix anything….but a spiritual alteration would. I found that out in… guessed it….His WORD. I needed to embrace myself for who and what I was. Simply allowing me to gain weight and letting my breasts grow was not going to fix the problem, it was going to cause me to run away from and avoid it. Therefore, I can't imagine that getting BA is something that God would fully appreciate unless He specifically tells you for Himself that it's ok.

      Now, like I said, I'm not God. This is my opinion. Reading the three ladies comments did not make me feel condemned nor judged. It actually convicted me because I felt there was truth in it. But then again, it's how *I* took it. I chose not to let it offend me. Today, I am still working on fully appreciating my body for what God Himself made it to be. I guess I wanted to comment on your comment to further put out the fact that we don't have to resort to extremes like BA just because we think it'll make us "happier" and what'll make us "happier" is right and more important than what God thinks, which is, I think, the point you seemed to have driven over. And we certainly shouldn't make excuses like "Ok, well what about the women who wear makeup and take trips to Disney Land!!" to resort to give us the leeway to do it either. But, only God knows the truth.

      One more statement, and then I'm done. You may not see this because I'm very late, but perhaps someone else will see this and be convicted by it. But, as a Christian, let us keep in mind how we respond to things. Let our words be led by the Holy Spirit, and not by our anger, or mere disagreement, or what we think is right. It's ok if you disagreed with the three women's responses, as you clearly did. We won't all agree on everything. But Galatians 6:1 says "Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted." Notice it says "gentleness". You seemed to have responded as if you were very angry or borderline repulsed with them about their opinions. If we want to bring a point across successfully, let us refrain from being rash, simply trying to argue. Let us respond in a way that Jesus would. Don't worry, a lot of people have to work on this, myself included. But that's what the Christian journey is all about. Growing, developing, changing.

      God bless you!

      • Beautifully written! “If the whole world was blind, would I impress?” Our focus ought to be on hearts, on souls, which are eternal.
        We live in a society that has grown very materialistic and focused on appearance. Especially for women, the struggle of comparing our bodies to one another — “comparison is the death of contentment.”
        “I have learned that whatever state I am, therewith to be content.”
        “I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

    • Ellcee, you are spot on. Absolutely spot on. Do not pick something that could fall under vanity, such as a boob job but practice thousands of things during your life that exude the same behavior yourself.

      Reyna – Yes. Plain and simple, yes. You can compare makeup and breast augmentation. Period. It is YOU who separates them. It all comes down to heart motives. Most women and by most I mean by staggering jaw dropping numbers, can’t even tell you the last time they left the house without SOME sort of makeup or added accessory to add to their appearance. They couldn’t honestly tell you. You are picking and choosing and it is sad to see you can’t see through that. What about parents who endorse braces for their children, all with the reasoning of , oh it isn’t for vanity! it is so they will not have a distracting feature and stand out from their peers! There is absolutely zero difference. Going by your rules and regulations, it would mean that those parents should have prayed to God themselves about their own discomfort with their children’s appearance and told their children when they grew up to do the same and that they are made perfect. Which is correct and 100% on target. They were perfect and are perfect. But who are we to judge if they chose to get the braces for their child? But to separate a boob job from a thousand other things that women do on a daily basis is really absurd and not showing proper reasoning skills. We could also take this a step further and mention arguments posed by christian women who say wearing any clothing that is tight to your body is a sin. those women would look at the three above in the picture and I’m sure be saying they have heart issues to work out and are only leading men to lust after them by doing that. I’m sure if those three above heard such a thing would adamantly disagree and start talking about their heart and how no one knows what they are thinking or feeling when they are dressing themselves. All three would most likely say they don’t and probably have come close to never even assuming their clothing was enticing to people. It is a form of judgement. When you start comparing the $ spent on the boob job to the dying people and so forth you better not spend a dime yourself on ANYTHING that is of vanity, or your point is mute, not only mute it’s judging. To say we should pray and seek God’s counsel is wise, and always where we make our decisions from. Not from making a list and comparing things. That’s not anything but a mere human being’s life of personal opinions coated in very flowery way of basically saying “this is what my human mind has deemed it, and it’s in the category of potential sin if you compare it to spending all that money on dying children in the world” I don’t see how that isn’t a form of judgement? It is. How many things, forget about boob jobs. Cars people should never have financed, even that extra jazzed up coffee that you purchased at starbucks, that cost you $6 but reluctantly passed the salvation army man that asked for spare change while you exited walmart that same day? Everyone has spent and done things, Everyone. You speak of being straight forward, well let’s be honest. I am on board with any woman who puts breast implants into their own separate category, is fine…and absolutely entitled to their opinion…but should never even attempt to enhance themselves in any way cosmetically, fashionably, or anything that should gain any attention or enhance how the Potter has made them. Period. The squabbling and mute arguments posed by people such as “Well, my lipstick is only this, my concealer is only this…” Go on, add it up ladies. Over the years. And everything else along with it. Yes, it is the same thing. Yes. I am just always amazed at why we can never stop at something being a heart issue. The last time I checked no one can understand the motives of someone’s heart but God and God alone. What do you say to the genetically gifted women who need not one drip of makeup, no need for a tan, no need to dye her long lustrous hair, and even lets it’s grow in grey gracefully and still does nothing, but happen to have an issue with her breasts and had a boob job done…never to let them hang out, but for herself? and goes on with her life as usual to never gain attention from a man and maintains her modesty and carries on? So what, she possibly crossed the line, but the other women who would not DARE get boobs, has led a superficial life from the moment her dad allowed her to wear makeup at 14? Come on. It is beyond clear. It is an issue of the heart of the individual woman. I can see all the makeup, push up bra, latest trendies out there going but it’s a boob job! We should not be surprised. I think it’s basic human nature, we gravitate to our own preconceived ideas of what is right and what is wrong and place ourselves as ultimate supreme authority. Having said this and could say a thousand more things related, I am all for the motive of someone’s heart. If THEY feel convicted, then maybe they are doing it for wrong reasons and should deal with that. Deal with it seriously and honestly with God. Because Reyna felt convicted when she read the three ladies testimonies does not mean your conviction stands for the whole world. It is on an individual basis. I’m having a hard time understanding why people don’t understand that viewpoint alone. I by no means am trying to sound rude, or defensive, simply trying to inject some of my opinion into the discussion and hopefully was done in a non offensive manner. I

      I am not the final authority on whether it is sinful, nor is anyone else. I don’t even think people intentionally on here were trying to say it was a sin, but when they start putting soft condemnation on people by connecting the $ of boobs with the starving children I think any adult would start to think it probably isn’t right then! So it is a crafty way of making someone feel it is sin without saying it is! and THAT bothers me! I am not going to talk about money and what could be done with every cent of a boob job, because I think as adults we can all see where that goes and start accessing the thousands upon thousands each and every one of us has spent wrongfully when it should have been given away. I would feel convicted to even sit here and mention comparing boobs to what that woman could do with the money, if I haven’t sold everything I have and donate every dime, go on mission trips constantly, give away everything on a whim. and be rich in spirit but poor here. That is ludicrous and not thinking it all the way through.

      We should not care about our outward appearance. We should improve our inner beauty because that is lasting beauty. But please, please remove the log and when you are done, remove the next one. And the next one, and the next three. And I’m sure we won’t even have time to focus on other people’s decisions and what their motives are.

      God bless you,

    • First of all I just want to say thank you for this clear comment. I am a Christian woman, well educated and owner of a successful software company and I have felt so judged and shamed for even considering a breast augmentation. I want to make very clear that my choice for getting a breast augmentation has nothing to do with 1. lack of self confidence (I actually love the breast that God naturally gave me), 2. my husband asking me to do it, 3. being persuaded by vanity or any other of the reasons. I simply want to undergo this procedure because I simply “do” – why do I have to be a faulty individual to do this. God loves me no matter what and respects that this is just an experience that I choose to have. There is nothing wrong with this.

  4. Loved what you said Ellee! I actually stumbled across this blog searching for something about Godly women getting breast augmentations. Read the posting by these 3 lovely ladies and began questioning my decision for breast implants which is scheduled for June 26…I felt judgement from their statements, though some of these very judgements are ones I have placed on myself and wrestled with as I have been on my journey to change my body.
    I have prayed about my decision. For over a year. This is something I’m doing for me, for many reasons…(nursed 3 babies = no breasts 😦 My husband loves me just as I am but supports me if this is what I want. I will have saved all the $ for the surgery to pay in full which is a great feeling. I’m so excited and encourage any women considering to seek The Lord and your motives. I personally have wanted this my whole life and after having kids things got even worse. I do encourage people to wait until after having kids but either way, I have no judgement 😉

    God. Bless. He is Risen!
    ….haha just thought, I won’t be taking my new boobs with me when I meet my Savior, so in the grand scheme of things! it matters very little 😉

    I love Jesus, we talk everyday, and I’m choosing to have a boob job.

    • I had a boob job in 2006. A month after they were put in I began having medical problems. By the end of that month, I had them removed. I would say make sure you are well informed on the medical aspects of your decision first. Read about the pros and the cons – Physically, emotionally and mentally. Take it to the Lord and if you still feel it is the right choice for you, than do it. I too would recommend waiting till after you are married and have breastfed all your children (for health reasons). I did wait and I’m so glad I did. Now it’s 2014 and I’m considering trying a second time and having my breasts returned to the size they were pre-babies. I loved Elliee’s response – Brilliant! Thank you, Elliee for helping me feel more confident in my decision.

  5. I, too, stumbled upon this blog searching for answers. I’m considering augmentation and just had a consult yesterday. I’ve been praying about it for 6 years and had the money in hand 3 years ago to do it but decided I was still unsure of God’s yes/no answer. Now 3 years later on the cusp of proceeding I’m constantly still talking to Him about it. Most everything I’ve read and listened to online, from John Piper to random blogs, was from the mindset of having it done as a single woman. I broached the subject with my home group (my pastor, several friends and my mentor) and the answers were nearly word for word what ALL 3 women said PLUS Ellcee’s pov. However, Alex’s thought were MY mindset. I’m a married woman of 3 girls. While my husband is completely on board he isn’t pushing the issue. This is for ME to feel like I am staying attractive for my husband; which is hard to do when you don’t feel feminine! I feel I can present myself modestly to the world (no bikinis on family vacations, low cut tops etc…) but spice it up between the two of us. My target is clearly and solely my husband. With 3 girls I have been hesitant because I want to project Godliness. However at the same time I feel like this opens up an oppertunity for discussion with them (mainly the older one when she asks, or all 3 of them later in life when they are in my shoes). I feel like I can say “I took it to the Lord, prayed and searched my heart.” If I’m being VERY honest I think the sinful part for me isn’t the augmentation -no- the root sin for me is that I feel God will punish me and bring calamity upon us. After going through this it has caused who I view a God to truly be to surface; my fear (and not the good kind) of the Lord. So for me, the real question is: can I trust in the Lord to still love me if I do this? Or is God vengeful like He appears to me in the O.T.? I really think THAT is what I need to be praying about.

  6. I like this article. I am single and 29 and most definitely not married or close to it. I want to be married, but I am not and being married seems like an impossible dream. I think having larger breasts will help me to get a boyfriend since I do not have one and I never have had one. My friends are all naturally busty and so are most people in my family. I feel like the odd-one out. If I get breast augmentation, I want to pay for it up front. I just started saving for it. I am still researching about it. Right now, I just want to have larger breasts.

  7. Late to this party but I was google searching this topic because a covo I had with a few ladies last night. I sat here asking Papa….what do you think??? Suddenly I had an image of an African woman with a large number of rings around her neck. Do you know about this tribe? It is considered attractive to elongate your neck in this tribe so the women keep adding good rings until they stretch their necks out really long. Then I thought of the Ancient Chinese practice of shoving your foot in tiny shoes until your foot starts to deform and it hinders the growth because it is considered attractive in their culture to have tiny feet. Then there is the religious practice of removing the skin around the vagina. And another African tribe that make a cut under their lip and inserts a wooden disk and keeps stretching it out. And then of course the cutting open of a chest and inserting two round bags of liquid. All of these things ran through my head in an instant with the words “self mutualization”. I do believe now that there is a principality behind all of these things. That this goes deeper and further back than we think. We still have such a far way to come for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God to manifest on the earth like a beautiful bride. But it will happen in Spirit and truth. I don’t even want to ware earrings now.

  8. Thank you for this perspective. I am now seriously considering the procedure. I have lost a lot of volume in my breasts since having my son and losing a little weight. It makes me self-conscious around my husband in my natural state (nude or just without a padded bra). Some women truly have this issue, and I don’t think we should judge, nor do I think our heavenly Father would judge. If we are doing something to take care of ourselves and increase our connection to our husband, I don’t see the problem. It’s not like these type of women want the outward attention. For me, it would be all for my own comfort (because of extreme loss of volume) and feeling more confident and sexy with my husband.

    • Very curious what you decided to do…….I have contemplated the procedure myself for years….literally…..I am 47 years old and my reasons would be all for my own comfort too along with feeling more confident with my husband. I have struggled for the last 19 years after my last son was born and I am finding out a lot more Christian’s who have had it done. I don’t want to do it out of vanity and would never want to do anything that goes against God but have finally had a peace about it and have a consult appointment next Monday. I will continue to pray and see how God reveals the path for me to take

  9. I am very late to this party but I have been feeling really insecure about my boobs and it’s having an effect on me. I am just about to turn 19 and my boobs are very saggy. I am however, blessed to have big boobs but am considering breast lift!!?? Any opinions

    I’ve been praying about it as well.

  10. would it be a sin for a man to have penis enlargement ,we are all made beautiful why do women put so much stress on themselves when men don’t.I KNOW A GODLY MAN WOULD ALWAYS LUV HIS WIFE NO MATTER WHAT AND VICE VERSA.

    • I got breast implants less than 3 years ago and had the removed 6weeks ago! I became extremely sick from my implants which is the same story of so many other women! It has been a very difficult journey but after nearly 6 mos of being extremely ill things are improving since removing them.

      Please check out the FB group “Breast Implant Illness with love”. It’s an amazing group and tons of Info!

  11. How sad what a sad sad society we have become! Is attraction and confidence just based on breast size. Good God aren’t we human and above animals? What are true love, agape love?

  12. The Breast Argument, a Biblical Perspective
    SEE ALL SCRIPTURE Pertaining to breast!!!! Do not allow misinformed believers to tell you breasts are sinful God and King Solomon certainly disagree!! was watching Ghana Television (GTV; probably the worst station in recorded time) about a week ago when I saw Nurses on what was supposed to be an awareness march of some kind. They held placards that carried different messages. I was totally scandalized when I read the placard of the lead nurse. It read, “BREAST IS FOR BABIES NOT HUSBANDS”! I was shocked that authorities could allow this falsehood to be preached. When I pointed out that this was obviously wrong, I was met with strong resistance from a section of the public. I therefore decided to write this article to clear any lingering doubts.

    For my source of reference I chose the one book majority of people are reluctant to challenge; The Holy Bible. I chose to make most of my arguments from the books written by the one who is regarded as the wisest man who ever lived; King Solomon. 1 Kings 4: 29-34 describes the full extent of Solomon’s wisdom.

    King Solomon the Wise man that that he was left clues in his the three books that are attributed to him (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Songs of Solomon). In these books it is possible to deduce correctly who these beautiful orbs belong to.

    First of all I would boldly state that these beautiful Orbs were created by a certain perfectionist we all love to call God. They are not the result of some random set of inexplicable coincidences. Man’s fascinations with these Orbs are not recent. Long ago Wise King Solomon paid glowing tributes to them. These tributes were deemed fit to be added to the Bible by theologians and Biblical scholars who translated and decided upon which books should make up this most holy of books.

    In Song of Solomon 4:5
    Your two Breasts are like two fawns, like twin fawns of a gazelle among the lilies.

    Song of Solomon 7:3
    Your breasts are like two fawn, twins of a gazelle.

    Song of Solomon 7:7
    Your stature is like that of the palm, and your breasts like cluster of fruit.

    Song of Solomon 7:8
    I said, “I will climb the palm tree; I will take hold of its fruit”. May your breast be like the cluster of vine, the fragrance of your breath like apples

    From these verses we notice that Breasts are described as gazelles, fruits and vines. Gazelles because of the grace and beauty they possess and vine because of their wonderfully intoxicating effects. These are obviously feeling that babies cannot experience. Vines are fruits that are sucked with great meditation which is in sharp contrast to the greedy approach babies have toward these objects of beauty.

    Isaiah 66:11
    “That you may nurse and be satisfied with her comforting breasts, That you may suck and be delighted with her bountiful bosom.”

    In the verse above, the Bible clearly states that a woman’s breast is a great source of comfort and admonishes men to suck them and gain great joy. The Bible particularly supports the sucking of ‘bountiful’ breasts.

    In Proverbs 5: 17-19
    17 – they are yours alone, never to be shared with strangers.
    18 – may your FOUNTAIN be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.
    19 – a loving doe, a graceful deer, MAY HER BREAST SATISFY YOU ALWAYS, may you ever be captivated by her love.

    These verses are quite self explanatory. The Bible admonishes men to zealously guard and protect what is rightfully theirs, never to share them with stranger. Verse 19 is of uttermost importance. “MAY HER BREAST SATISFY YOU ALWAYS”, these words of wisdom say it all.
    Out of the kindness of our hearts we men allow babies to use what is rightfully ours for a period. This should not be mistaken for a gift. It’s a loan which we take back when the time is right.

    The Bible further says that women whose breasts are not well formed have difficulty getting men to marry.

    In Songs of Solomon 8:8
    We have a young sister whose breasts are not yet grown, what shall we do if she is to be spoken for (engaged)

    The young sister in the passage is obviously matured enough for them to be considering her engagement. Her siblings are however quite worried because she has small breast for her age. This means men wouldn’t be attracted to her. This is a problem so serious they have to start thinking of a plan before the day arrives.

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